Thursday, 8 January 2015

THROWBACK THURSDAY: A Destination Less Travelled

Dubai - not your everyday destination that one would go..

About a year and a half ago, I was in Dubai on a 3D2N stopover en route returning from 3 weeks in Europe as the stopover was free of charge by Emirates (free city tour, free accommodation in Traders Hotel, free transfers).. I only had to pay for my meals and personal expenses like shopping.. 

From Amsterdam to Dubai
I would say actually the A380 isn't that comfortable despite having slightly wider seats.. Generally I still prefer a A330 or a B777.. There was just too many people and not enough toilets to cater for everyone.. 
A380 Concourse Arrival Hall at Dubai International Airport, having flown 6 and half hours from AMS..

My room in Traders Hotel which I shared with my brother

View of Dubai International Airport from Traders Hotel with a host of Emirates A380 aircrafts

This was where Dubai began - the old town of Dubai along the Dubai creek
The old town of Dubai

Lazy bums! They have elevators to go up to the pedestrian bridge!

The oldest building in Dubai, built in 1787, is now the Dubai Museum

Bus-stops are aplenty, and they are all air-conditioned

OK my bus is here, but first let me take a selfie

The seaside spanning Burj al-Arab

Palm Jumeirah being built..

SkiDubai - an 85m high indoor mountain with 5 slopes - in Mall of Emirates

On the way to the desert
The edge of the desert

But first - a stop to release air from the tyres before entering the desert so that there's better grip

Sand dune bashing

Managed to record a video - I was sitting in the middle!

Look at all these vast emptiness - no fucks were given on that day!

Selfie with camel. I think I have a penchant for taking selfies with animals.

The desert sun at sunset

Again, no fucks were given on that day.

The busy intersection in Old Dubai in front of Traders Hotel (right)

Fitness First Dubai International Financial Centre (DIFC) layout
Normal-sized but with semi frosted shower doors and a prayer room inside the changing room

I was trying to buy a MRT ticket to go to Fitness First DIFC

Dubai Mall MRT station

The model of Dubai Mall with Burj Khalifa at the corner

The iconic falling men - Dubai Mall
Do you know who designed it?
Yep.. DPA Architects of Singapore

Burj Khalifa - so tall I cannot even fit it into my camera lens
Taken from Dubai Mall Boulevard

Ah.. the Dubai Fountain, supposedly the world's largest choreographed musical fountain.
Shame I find it really disappointing, having to jostled with the crowd. 

A selfie with Burj Khalifa in the background?
Sure :) 

If not for the free stopover, I don't think I would ever consider visiting Dubai.. 

But after seeing the Dubai 2014/15 countdown fireworks that lit up the skyline, I thought maybe Dubai isn't such a bad place to go for countdown, after all, the weather during "winter" is bearable and cooler than in Malaysia (while summer can go up to 50 deg Celcius!) - while I was there, it was around 30-something degrees but it felt like burning because there aren't many trees around and there's no cloud to filter the sun, it was really hot despite not high a temperature! 

Have you been to Dubai or flown in Emirates A380?

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  1. Dubai is actually quite nice..Well at least according to MI3..Wish to go there, at least I can say 'Been there, Done that!'


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