Friday, 23 January 2015

Off to Johor Bahru

I have been quite busy of late, with many things on my minds.. sometimes to the tipping point..

I need a break.. a holiday that is.. Ok make that 4..

First up.. Johor Bahru & Legoland for company annual dinner, 5 buses departs today from our KL headoffice and we'll be staying in Doubletree Hilton's for the weekend.. Theme is Black & White and I've picked out quite a conservative pair of clothes - nothing fancy..

I was made the team leader for the team building event in Legoland and volunteered myself for all the rides (not like they're scary..) cos I love thrills and what not..

I have also seen the lucky dip and lucky draw prize lists.. yum yum.. lots of hotel stays and even more flight tickets to destinations around the world (unfortunately, all economy class but to destinations further and farther, this time including USA and Canada!.. booyahhh last 2 years I won a Cathay Pacific Hong Kong business class ticket!) THAT IS MY AIM!! Of course, there's like a lot of iPhone6 on the list, countless more iPads in the list as well as travel packages and what nots related items.

I am so sleepy now..

Next week I'll be only working 2 days, while attending a tradeshow on my birthday in a hotel in KL Sentral area.. and then I'm done - going on a one-week holiday for my next 2 holiday getaways thanks to the long weekend KL people get.. Flying with KLM Royal Dutch Airlines for the first time, let's hope it will be a good flight although I've heard bad reviews about the seating especially :)

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