Saturday, 8 November 2014

Whatsapp Double Tick = READ

I truly do not understand what is the issue about the double tick..

Why are people so paranoid about it? What's the big deal of letting the sender know when you read the message, whether or not you choose to reply? It's a chat! Not a phone call!


If you do, there will never be an ending towards chat! You'll be chatting 24 hours 7 days a week! Dude! Like seriously!

For me, I always strive to be the last one to end a conversation because it's how I am.. But if I don't feel like replying a chat - I DON'T REPLY.

Sue me? Right, go ahead.

I usually won't reply (or delay in replying) under these circumstances:
- when I am driving but have just enough time and attention to read, or have my iPhone read my messages to me
- I don't trust siri - siri is stupid
- I don't reply work related messages when I am on HOLIDAY as I won't have any resources anyway
- I don't reply to spams
- I don't reply to people I don't know or whom would have gotten my number by any other ways other than me giving it
- I don't reply to people I don't like

So - tell me again what's your problem?

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  1. eh suka ati la nk reply bila msg tu kan hehe.. ni takot sgt mcm ada wat salah je..


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