Tuesday, 18 November 2014

10 Simple Confessions of a Gay Boy

I do what I want when I want how I want..
It's my life..

This will be about simple confessions that maybe some of you may or may not know..

10. I've never been to Songkran.
Despite me having been to Bangkok for 15 times in the last 10 years, I have not been to Thailand in April. Never. I don't know why too.. maybe it's because I call it the annual gay pilgrimage, so much that I don't want to go..

I'll rather go to a pride parade and join in the walk..

9. I love white things.
A white car, a (not-so) white Braun Buffel wallet, a white iPhone, a white iPad, a white MacBook, a white keyholder, a white pair of flip flops, a white trolley luggage bag, a white leather shoe, a white Christmas tree, among others..

And I mainly use only white bath and hand towels..

But white comes in second in terms of favourite colour, my favourite colour is green.. But it will be very funny to have a green car, green wallet, green iPhone, iPad, Macbook right?? Oh yea, the pair of Havainnas flip flop I love to wear... is green!

But funny enough, my home is decked in hues of brown, themed around wood and earth colours.

8. I love the fragrant smell of freshly cooked rice.
I would always open up the lid as soon as the rice is cooked just to get a sniff. Having said that, I don't like to eat cold rice. My rice must be served to me piping hot, otherwise I will be.. bitchy :)

Explains also why I rarely like to sit in a air-cond Chinese restaurant where the rice can get cold even before it reaches the table.

7. I got into a fight once and almost got suspended from school.
I was in Std 3 when I exchanged punches and kicks with another boy from the other class. I can't remember what caused us to fight, thanks to it, I had a bloodied nose, bruised arms and legs and caned by the headmaster and my father was called to the school.

6. I do not like spicy-ness
I don't like the way how people love to put chili in every single dish! Chili is to complement the food to bring out, to enhance the taste, not use it to cover up the dishes - I might as well eat the chilis by themselves? Some people use chili like it's the main ingredient!

Having said that, if curry is not spicy enough, I will not like to eat. Curry is meant to be spicy. Here's the problem. most of the restaurant cook their curry way not spicy at all. Chinese, Indian, Malay - they are all the same!

If I find a single chili in my noodles or maggi goreng or any dish order that I specifically mentioned no chili, I would refuse to eat and send it back.

5. I have only traveled roughly 220,000 kilometres and 12% of the world.
My aim was always to chop my passport as much as possible to make the passport fee worth paying.. As Malaysians, we pay RM300 for 5 years (4.5 if you dont count the 6 months) and 32 pages.. It was only my second passport that I managed to fill it to the middle.. My first trip overseas was in 2001 which was to Singapore, by myself. And 13 years later, I've been to Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, Australia, Japan, Korea, China, Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan, Dubai, Italy, France, Switzerland, Germany, Belgium and the Netherlands..

2015 will be exciting as I planned to visit countries that I have not been to before, and solo!

4. I am not musically inclined.
I tried to learn playing guitar when I was 9 years old - learning up to grade 3 only, I still have my guitar at home, nicely tucked aside even though it's almost 23 years old now, but I still cannot read music notes.. I don't think I even remember the chords and what is what.. Kinda forgotten already how to play.. I will give the guitar to my nephew, if he wants to learn guitar next time.. My sis has grade 8 in piano though..

3. I love snacks.
Healthy snacks that is.. I don't really snack on junk food except chocolates, but I will gladly eat almost any cookies, biscuits, cakes, or even bread.. Among so many things, I especially love chocolate chip cookies, butter cookies, egg tarts, pineapple tarts, plain non-cream biscuits, marble cake, butter cake, fruit cake, chocolate cake, banana cake, raisin bread...

I don't really like cheesecake, simply because I am not a cheese person, and I don't like the strong cheese smell

2. I love lamb.
I always order my lamb medium well. If it's well done, I send it back. If it's rare, I send it back. If it's medium rare, I send it back. For a restaurant to serve lamb (and beef), the chef must know enough to cook lamb medium well.

1. I love to cook, but....
... my cooking is not good enough to be presented for other people, not even my mom.. I learnt how to cook from my mom of course, but that's where it ends - my own kitchen.. When I cook, I don't need to taste because I know exactly how I wanted them to be, and 98% of the time it will turn out just the way I like it, save for once or twice where the dishes turned out funny.. I have a facebook album titled "food", and I take pictures of dishes I cooked and post it up..

So when people asked me to cook for them (or even potluck), I usually have my hesitation.. not because I don't want to, but deep down inside me, I am not confident they are good enough to be served, and I don't know what people will think..

So, in 2015, I thought maybe I will spend some time in Bangkok possibly during Songkran (if I ever get there during Songkran) and go to a cooking school and learn some real Thai food..

I will when I will...


  1. WA!!
    When I read until 2 and 3,I really feel hungry.
    Abang tolong ingat o,when you cooking is enough good please don't forget call for makan.:P


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