Sunday, 23 November 2014

16 Truths You Learn After Realizing You Don’t Have To Please Everyone

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1. It's literally impossible to keep everyone pleased. 
Why would I want to please everyone? You like me, fine, we get along well. You don't like me, fine too, cos I am not born to please you.

2. Everybody and their mother has an opinion.
Can't agree more. Everyone wants to say something about everything..

3. Opinions are just that - opinions.
Do they matter? Hell not of course, they are just opinions, and it's different from unsolicited advice. Opinions are like engine noises. They are there and the louder they are, the more people will hate it.

4. If it doesn't make you happy, then it isn't worth doing.
Why keep yourself miserable doing the things you don't like? I find it very hard to understand why people are doing things they don't like or love - like a job. If you don't like your job, move on, find something you love doing! Chances are these people are well, pleasing, somebody they're out to impress.

5. More people will kick you on the way up, than will when you're already down.
We're humans.. We get jealous over people's success.. We want to be a bitch and say what we think which doesn't matter anyway..

6. Most people won't help or support you .. so why do you care if they're pleased or not?
Problem is - MANY people around me WILL help me OR support me in one way or another.. But me being me, I don't like to ask for help.. only when people offer, I will accept.. So I have a duty to keep these people pleased hor? Yes - I do sometimes care about how people are pleased with me or not.. I do.. I am human after all.. but to those who doesn't matter to me, I don't give two hoots..

7. We all live in our reality and want to be the star of our show.
Who doesn't want? We want to portray ourselves the best we can.. and by that we are out to impress somebody, someone..

8. Life has a lot more to offer when you play by your own rules.
My rules in life are simple - I don't give a fuck and so should you.. I live my life the way I want it, how I want it.. Like me love me, I am who I am.. This is me.. And because I don't live to please people, I don't need to.. Life is indeed much better that way..

9. Just because you shouldn't please everyone doesn't mean you shouldn't bother to please anyone.
Don't get me wrong - I am all for pleasing the people who matters to me, my family, my mentors - teachers, seniors, superiors etc (in other words: authority), my close friends.. but that's about it.. Because if they becomes displeased with me, then I have a problem.

10. When you aren’t worried about what everyone else thinks, it’s a lot easier to focus on the things that actually matter.
No need to worry about what other people things makes it less one thing to think and worry about, can't be any more straight-forward than that.

11. People like to hate; it's just a favourite pastime.
Haters will be haters.. People hate because they can't be who you are, they can't achieve what you have, and they are jealous, then they get resentful, then all these negativity grows into hate.. I am right to say - many people hate me too, for God knows what reasons, or no reasons at all.

12. It’s a lot easier to succeed when you don’t give a shit what other people think. Just do what you do because it seems to be working.
If you have something to say, say it to my face.. If I find you have a point and can help me progress, I will listen and take note of it, if not then I don't give another hoot because empty vessels makes the most noise..

13. Most people like to talk about things as if they know what they’re talking about, when, in fact, they are clueless.
To the point that even those who know shit will also want to open their mouths.. Hence, that's why these days many of us prefer to have conversations with intellectual-sound people..

14. Most people simply don't matter. 
They don't matter when their existence and opinions are of no effect whatsoever in relation to your existence.. It will not throw your balance off whether or not they are in your life.. Cos they simply don't matter..

15. Your life is better when you remove poisonous individuals.
Bad influencers - people who want to see the world, our world, burn..

16. Those who truly love you and care about you will always be please when you're simply being yourself. 
I am who I am, simply because this is me.. Love me hate me, I am just being myself.


  1. very true, sometimes no point in trying to please other, because in the end, they'll drain your energy out...

    in short, negative humans = negative vibes....

    1. true.. draining my energy out...


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