Sunday, 16 November 2014

Flawed but not floored

As prepped, yesterday's BodyBalance class in FF Avenue K was recorded and after the class is over, we all gather around and played back the video and discussed what needs to be fixed and what's good and what's bad..

Some are really my bad habits LOL... it's the subconscious mind..

It's like you won't know until you see yourself recorded.. I am one who readily accepts feedback (if it's given in good faith, especially), learn and try to fix it because that's what learning is all about.. I really appreciate the hour/s that were spent with me.. I cannot show the video because it's not me alone in it, and I asked for a copy of the video to keep it for myself because I want to watch it and review..

And maybe one day I will look back and tell others, "this was where I began".

After all the feedback session, we went for late lunch together in Fresca, a Mexican restaurant and Dolly Dim Sum in Avenue K.. (I had my lunch already so it's tea time for me actually as its 4pm! And it's really like the first time I kinda like sit down with other senior instructors for meal and drinks..

I now have the green light to proceed to the next phase - to team-teach!


Both Wilfred (the lead instructor I was shadowing) and my mentor agreed that I can move on.. but I didn't wanna rush it so I will just take one baby step at a time, probably one tt session a week so that I have time to digest all the feedback and drills that's going to come.. and that I can really fix any flaw before going for the big clearance.. I still remember my Bodycombat mentor 4 years ago used to say - "no point clearing if you aren't perfect on the stage".

Imagine if you are a member and you go to this instructor's class and he/she's like mehh... how would you feel? I myself have walked out of somebody's class before, so I didn't want that to ever happen to any of my class in the future.. he/she was so bad that I just couldn't take it and it was an insult to everything Bodycombat..

So it will take me a while to clear hahaha.. com'on, I need an ego booster as well, lol.. I mean, I got some good comments here and there but I want nothing but two thumbs up from every senior instructors.. and that will be the challenge..


  1. actually what is this "bodycombat" thing ? never heard of it before, is it something like martial art + dance fusion ?

    1. in all my classes, if i can sum it into 1 sentence.. bodycombat is a mix martial arts inspired high intensity cardio workout comprising of diciplines like karate, taekwondo, muaythai, jiujitsu and a lot more..

      to know more, u can visit lesmills the owner of the body-series,

      and seremban got celebrity fitness, they have bodycombat, bodypump ..

  2. i see, thanks for the info, will look into it..

    by the way, i go to Matrix fitness studio at Seremban 2, they "did" have these fusion type dances, like Zumba etc, but due to lack of interest by members, they kinda stopped the for myself, i am more into strength training...

    celebrity fitness at Palm Mall, heard the trainer not so good, dunno la, never been there, so don't want to comment bout it,hehehe...

    thanks again =)

    1. lol PT and GX instructors are two different things altogether..
      i also dont want to comment on the quality cos im also on celebrity fitness payroll Hahahaha...


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