Tuesday, 11 November 2014

My 2015 Travel Plans

It's just 7 weeks left to the end of 2014 and I'm sure we all look forward to end 2014 with a bang and begin 2015 on a new, and high note..

I used to keep a side gadget on my old blog to list down all my travel destinations for the year.. I should start doing that again :)

My year will start with a short trip to Singapore with a purpose; it's not going to be a leisure trip.. I have some things to do and must get it done that weekend..

Following will be to Johor Bahru for company "annual" dinner.. it's a 3D2N trip from KL with the rest of the company.. so, yeah, if I can I would wanna make a short detour into Singapore kekeke..

And to celebrate my birthday, I decided to go to Jakarta and find Weiyoung, him being last week in Jakarta before returning to Singapore for good.. It's just a short trip since 2nd and 3rd Feb is a public holiday for KL..

I also wanna go on a cruise!

And bungee jump!

And get lost in a foreign city that speaks no English!



  1. WA!!got many many plan o...
    Er...bungee jump,see this word feel so sejuk..
    Hope you wish come true. :)

    1. While still young.. and still able :P

  2. wahh best betul kalau dpt pegi New Zealand.. leh gi Hobbiton hehe.. shin selalu berangan dpt pergi New Zealand, Jepon & Switzerland.. semua nk pegi time autumn ..

    pernah pergi Boracay? nnt bg tips ek

    1. hahaha tak payah nak berangan! JUST PLAN AND GO! :P

      I dah pi Jepun and Switzerland.. both also cantik on their own merits..

      But tak pernah lagi pergi Boracay.. i cannot sit still travelling duk dalam bas more than 2 hours... LOL!!!


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