Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Stalker mode?

Haha.. This guy been "stalking" me on Jack'd the last few days, prior to that in FF from gym to gym... LOL.. and so happened on Monday I was in FF Curve going for Bodybalance class which in the end nobody turned up, so Harvin went through some techniques drills with me..

Seriously, I didn't notice any "prying" eyes, I was in the locker 3 times for very brief moments - first time as I arrive about 7.30pm, and second time to keep my shoes and change into slipper about 8.30pm, and lastly about 9.40pm when I left the gym..

Like that also kene spotted... and he did mention if I will write about it.. so Mr ANONYMOUS, whoever you are.. your wish is granted lol..

Now... if only I know who you are... but it's really I didn't notice you.. or rather, my eyes was somewhere else..


  1. WalauA!
    Just let me think about the movie:
    I know what you did at last summer!!
    Like a horror film…;O)
    So scare!!

    1. haha im kinda used to being "stalked" lol...


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