Monday, 3 November 2014

Singapore Trip [Part 1/4] - Staying in Marina Bay Sands

Probably (should be!) the last trip of 2014.. I was in Singapore for the whole of last week attending a tradeshow and conference as a delegate of ITB Asia.. Arrived on 28 October and whisked off to Marina Bay Sands in the bus that the organiser have provided..

The organiser put me up in Marina Bay Sands in Deluxe Room, but I was given a lousy room on the 2nd floor of Tower 3.. You can imagine the noise from the main road which is almost at level with the room!

Check-in for delegates was at Tower 1 where they have set up special counters, but it was still slow.. WIFI in the room was weak, and since my room was on the 2nd floor, it's easier and better to be connected to the lobby MBS wifi, which is stronger but not that reliable..

The infinity pool on level 57 was a great view, but that's about it. It's so crowded and packed and the water is so dirty! LIKE OMG!!! I can see things floating in the water... and by things I mean like dust particles, dirt and what not.. Each guest entitles to 1 key card which allows access for 1 person to the pool.. but I requested for 1 additional key card for my guest hahahaha...

The food in MBS and the Sands Expo and Convention Centre was excellent, perhaps the only thing that I find good..

Check-out was terrible.. I was charged for breakfast that was included in my room.. And when I dispute it, I was made to feel guilty.. DUMB ASS!!

Tower 3 MBS

Can you see the road? Yea... just separated by trees!

Evening view from Infinity Pool
Night view from the Infinity Pool

Gym at Level 55

... to be continued ...

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