Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Singapore Trip [Part 2/4] - Selfies!


We all love to take selfies..

At least I do.. I know.. I am a damn narcissist vain pot.. love me hate me, I just love taking photos of myself - whether clothed or not :) *wink*

First... the one with clothes...

First day attending ITB Asia

First day official welcome ceremony hosted by Marina Bay Sands
I opted for a bow-tie to be different and something I've not worn before

Second day

By the third (and last day) of ITB Asia, I grew tired of taking selfies in my suit... then I take more selfies in the pool sans clothes and gym hahahaa...

On the first day upon arrival in Marina Bay Sands, I straight away headed for the pool at night as I missed the evening reception..

Then of course, I did not miss out using the gym - managed by Banyan Tree Fitness Club, but due to the limited time I have, I did not manage to use the sauna/steam/shower facilities! :(

And on the last day before checking out and heading to my final day of meetings, I took a dip in the pool in the morning! And more selfies!!

I know.. selfies overload.. but hey, it's more like once in a lifetime staying in Marina Bay Sands, not because I can't afford (ok - I CAN'T AFFORD it) but because I am disappointed with the hotel and it's services and offering that I won't wanna stay there again..

I still prefer to stay in Swissotel.. I have stayed in both Swissotel The Stamford  and Swissotel Merchant Court and both didn't disappoint me..


  1. First... the one with clothes...
    I think the next will like this :
    Last....without underwear.Lol.
    But the hotel view very good o,can see a part off Singapore city..

    1. Hahaha.. without underwear? SURE...but not on this blog hahahahaha...

    2. Where can get that picture?:P
      PM me...if you ok,LOL!

    3. heheh my insta got a bit here and there.. tumblr got a bit here and there :P

    4. Ooo!!
      Is mean I need to prepare tisu banyak for stop the warm liquid come out from my nose.
      What I you instagram and tumblr name?
      Sexy Eric Takashi?!

    5. Ah but then?
      Yi...Don't like that meh..
      Ho shui de ni..

    6. HAHAHAHA.... maybe elsewhere leak also!?

      haha search lo for my insta/tumblr :P

    7. Ahah...
      Tak dapat cari...@_@
      Yi where you think will leak je.. :P

  2. Eric can you tell me which is better stay. The Swissotel The Stamford or the Swissotel Merchant Court. Thanks for your answer in advance.

    1. Hi there, my next post is on Swissotel Merchant Court (you can go to the main page of my blog and read the latest entry or read it up on my review in TripAdvisor http://www.tripadvisor.com.my/ShowUserReviews-g294265-d301577-r237676918-Swissotel_Merchant_Court-Singapore.html)

      As for Swissotel The Stamford - my blogpost is here http://pluboy.blogspot.com/2014/04/swissotel-stamford-singapore.html and my review is on Tripadvisor

      If you ask me which Swissotels, I would say Merchant Court. I just felt MC is less busy with more peace and not the busy Raffles City mode..


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