Thursday, 6 November 2014

Singapore Trip [Part 4/4] - Universal Studios Halloween Horror Night 4

Decided to go to Universal Studios for Halloween, it's the 4th year running and it's also the last day that it's on.. I'm not sure how much was the ticket though.. 

I am all for built haunted houses but I really, really find it funny/humorous rather than scary.. especially those that keep banging the table, wall. etc... I laughed out loud okay inside the houses... 

There were 4 houses and 4 scare zones, apart from most rides which are open.. Finished all 4 houses and 3 of the scare zones except Bogeyman zone. 

Pre-opening act along Hollywood

Scare zone 1..
Zombie apocalypse 

Haunted house one..
Jings... the secondary school.. which I find the toilet setting most real.. 

Also took the time to ride Transformer since I have not ride on it ever since they opened..

Jack's Nightmare Circus.. featuring some hot bods :)

It's definitely a fun thing to do, but the crowd was craaaazzeeeeeeeeeeee - average queue time is 100 minutes unless you chiong (rush) and run to the furthers one FIRST in the moment the gate open.. then only backtrack because most people will do the first one they see.. 

I think that should be the strategy in any Universal Studios.. 


  1. WA!!Look like very nice o...
    Bogeyman It is Same with Bogel man?!:P
    Ada type salah boh?

    1. hahhaaha... noooo bogeymannnn lol..


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