Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Men's Fashion

Everyone knows that the fashion industry is always moving fast with new designs of clothing, shoes, bags, accessories and more every single season.. The fashion designers and brands are constantly keeping up with the race to produce quality, trendy and fabulous designs for the fashion conscious customers.. 

People often focus on the ladies fashion industry as women covers a large majority in shopping for fashion items.. However, the fashion industry never fails to also provide the men with exquisite trends.. There are 3 hottest men’s fashion trends which have been getting a huge attention from the gents.. 

You don't have to be gay to be in tune with fashion but I would want to say something to the straight men especially, PLEASE take extra efforts to dress up as well.. Nothing turns off a woman more than a poorly fit top or a pants that's oversized.. There's a reason why women have so many shoes, a shoe for each occasion and that's how men like us should have too! Never a shoe for every occasion! 

I'd just like to share on the 3 latest trend that you should know.. The first new thing in style is the trendy large strap gladiator sandals for men.. This is not any kind of typical sandals as the design of the straps are more larger in size and gives that peekaboo effect to your feet.. The gladiator sandals give men that extra masculine feel and rough edgy character.. Slip it on, strap it and walk in confidence with any outfits from your closet..

Leather has always look masculine on any male.. and I personally find leather hmm... sexy :)

Next in style are clutch purses.. Clutches are not only available for women but men now have a chance to flaunt their fashion sense with a trendy clutch wallet on a day out.. Switch those old leather wallets with a clutch purse to reveal your sophisticated personality.. Carry it to dinner events or even on a casual night out with the dudes and feel confident all day long.. 

I myself have been clutching a clutch purse of late especially when I travel because I need to carry my powerbank and the cables, cards and loose change.. So having a small little purse is definitely convenient - no wonder it's in trend!

The next trend which men are loving is the outwear outfit look.. Outer wears are not the ‘IT’ thing for men to perk up their appearance in a jiffy.. By layering the singlets or tees with an outer wear, men can definitely transform a plain look to a more improved outfit.. There are plenty of options one can choose from - a leather jacket, denim jacket, an unbuttoned shirt or a thin cardigan to spice up their entire look.. 

In our hot weather, a thin cardigan will usually complete the look..

Interested in getting these latest men’s fashion items? Check out ZALORA as it offers a wide range of the trendiest and up-to-date fashion items for men online..

I shop on ZALORA.. Do you?

With the year end approaching and I'm sure bonuses would be coming in, look at ZALORA for more fashion ideas and gift ideas! 


  1. Zalora mahal la...i get my stuffs at Tesco, lol...

    1. hehe there's sale!
      and cheap stuffs too!

      and most are cheaper than in the shops...

  2. hi... i can't find any of gladiator sandal in zalora...

    1. Hi.. I tend to believe that gladiator shoes are not listed as yet, as the purpose of the article was to showcase the upcoming trends, it wasn't a definite mean to say it's available for sale. My apologies if you are led to believe that.


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