Thursday, 30 April 2015

If you ask me out for coffee and saying you just want to see me, thanks but no thanks..

Nobody these days will simply ask someone out for a drink.. You need to have intentions.. Be it that you miss me, or to share with me "something interesting".. Any intention is an intention..

I bet you it sure is interesting, seeing how you can trade our friendship for money.. Stop.. If you start opening your laptop/tablet/file while we sip coffee and talk, I will throw money on the table for MY drink and walk away.. As simple as that, and that pays for the friendship as well..

Like it or not, you've probably been involved in one MLM or another.. Or that you advocate for one, or trying to recruit people to lessen your loss, or whatever.. or you can be also making big bucks and sipping coffee as you laughed at me.. I am not saying any MLM is a scam, you have to work, yes, you need to work for the money, SOMEONE'S MONEY.. you don't want to lose YOUR money, do you? Take someone's else's money then, and you so that's what MAKE yours..

And then there are those who know well enough to just stop whatever they set out to see me for, and ask me to forget about it.. With that, he/she earned brownie points for respect and for valuing our friendship..

But let me tell you this.. Cash rich and free will as a young boy back then without ANY financial commitments and spent like there was no tomorrow (you wouldn't believe me I work my ass off to pay my college education in cold hard cash of my own), I've gone into a few, follow what was needed and gone on to burn many a bridge too, dumping thousands and thousands of ringgit..

Am I rich now?

Yes - experience and knowledge..

Did I reap any rewards?

Yes - for being able to see the world with two eyes open.. Four, if you count my glasses..

Did I recruit enough people?

Yes - only that the money never came.. The companies I dumped my thousands into have all since wound up and long gone, after all, that's the 90s and early 2000s as we speak..

But like mushroom after the rain, one closed and ten more opened..

But where was my conscience? Whatever happened to the people I recruited? Were they not friends whom I used to know? Sadly, no.. these people aren't in the "business" anymore so to speak..

I have a house now.. I have a car now.. I have my own business now.. and I have a job that pays for my holidays.. Most important of all, I have the love of my family and friends.. I have the respect.. I have the admiration..

Clearly the "trainings" I brought home with me taught me how to be a better person - not how to make back money from someone's else's money..

You know yourself better - whether you are actually making any money or not.. If yes, good for you, if not, think for yourself why not.. At the end of the day, like gambling, the house always wins, but once in a while, it will let someone else win some of the time to keep the hopes alive..

After all, hope keeps people hungry for more..

Hot right now!