Friday, 1 May 2015

Was it a dream?

credits: stockphoto
"You two dating ah" mom asked.

"Yes" I said, sheepishly, in front of everybody.

He was in his best dress, nicely groomed.. as he sat close to me, occasionally brushing and messing up my hair. approaching mid-thirties, we are not young anymore - so are the parents.. The family had dropped in for a visit.. The atmosphere was light and cheerful, there was lots of talking and laughing.. 

I woke up to find in a very strange feeling.. it was only a dream, so I have come to realise.. how I wished one day, maybe, just one day.. mom will openly acknowledge this son of hers is only interested in men.. 

If only..


  1. If only life was really so simple as ABC and 123.


    *pats your back*

    1. Well, it did began as ABC and 123 for me lol But along the way, shitloads dumped on to me as the world we know today..

  2. Hopefully that is a reality one day.

  3. Hi, this is my first visit to your blog and as I was reading, I somehow find the urge to share my experience in this topic specifically.
    During my high school form 1, It was the first time I figured out that I am different from the others. I spent my entire high school and half of my university time trying to hide this side of me from the others. I did't feel close to anyone and always rejecting friendly people as I was always afraid being revealed.

    I was always the same until I got fed up and decided to have a leap of faith.
    Now, I am proudly out of the closet, I confessed to everyone that I care including families and friends. Some of them can't accept but most do. But anyhow , people who really loves you will still do no matter what happened. My mom has always been supportive with my decision even though she still somehow find it hard to accept.
    But I want to say is, we should be grateful when people still remains loving and respecting even though they do not seem to understand our world.


    1. Thank you for sharing your side, cheers!

    2. you're Welcome.
      pardon me with my poor grammar.

      like reading your blog, its inspiring, honest and realistic.


    3. cos im real as shit.. and i just write for the fun of it..


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