Monday, 6 April 2015

Do similarity or opposites attracts?

What do you think, similar or opposites personalities/like attract?

Example - two guys who share the same interests, the same thoughts, the same preferences in the sense that they do things together, go places together, enjoy the same interests together

... or two guys who likes what the other doesn't, who thinks very differently from the other in the sense that they think they complement each other in areas that one lacked thereof..

In your opinion, how do things actually work?

Are you and your boyfriend the similar or the opposites type?


  1. Total opposite! I guess when you love someone, you love them for who they are. Even with the other scenario, compromisation is always there.

  2. For me, I have a big different in term of personalities with my boyfriend. But we also share some common preferences.
    After few years together, I guess we did influences each other and shape a new kind of personalities...

    1. Hmm that's a new perspective...


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