Thursday, 16 April 2015

Beauty Bags

I've recently begun to start looking at backpacks because I don't really like to lug the trolley luggage bag around, especially in a foreign place where I need to walk/use public transport a lot.. It's quite inconvenient also to lug the bag around crowded places through train stations etc..

The current backpack I have is about 30l which is good for about a week's worth without laundry, but come my next mega trip, I'm expecting to be away at least 16 days but I'll need to do some laundry halfway, and since I'll be on the move from city to city, town to town, station to station, I need something that I can conveniently tug and lug..

These babies are beautiful but they aren't that cheap.. at least I have a set budget of what I am prepared to spend for a backpack of this size.. I am looking to get a 45-50l backpack that can fit nicely as cabin baggage..

This is a nice 45l one.. Squarish and "clean"..
One thing I don't like is.. it doesn't have the back air-vent and no internal compartments.. 
Size-wise, it's perfect for me!

Explorer Giant 45l.. Don't really like the design much but it's compact for a 45l backpack!

I saw one that's currently on promotion in Sportsdirect but I don't really like the colour that they are having..

I also dislike those "typical" looking backpacks which makes a person (read: tourist) looks darn silly and targeted.. And neither would I like bright neon colours as I don't like the limelight (hahahahah!!!) or attention.. Still prefer a black or dark colour backpack but I'm using my white trolley luggage bag despite it almost time to replace..

Guess I'll just have to keep looking and keep shopping around..

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