Monday, 27 April 2015

Voice Dubbing: Dubsmash

deo for the dubbing part..

Some are hilarious, some are downright witty, but there also some people just don't know how to use the app.. I've probably browsed through thousands of #dubsmash videos in Instagram over the weekend and there's some videos I go like, "huh, do this guy/girl even know what is dubbing?!" - goes to show how stupid they are..

But then again, Asian boys are soooooo limited and few, most of the videos are girls and whatever ethnicity they are..

I've done two videos.. that's all the time I have.. will keep fiddling with it some more to see what's new..

A video posted by ERIC (@ericlimkj83) on

A video posted by ERIC (@ericlimkj83) on

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