Friday, 3 April 2015

One year countdown

Counting down 1 year to my next mega-adventure!

I live by the motto of "go to a new place once every year".. Last year I explored solo the eastern half of Australia and then Osaka.. this year, I went to Jakarta, still count as new.. I'll probably do another ASEAN destination later this year with him, discounting the solo part..

And next year.. a year from now, I am planning to go to Prague.. My plans are quite simple, fly from KL to Frankfurt, spend 2 nights in Frankfurt, and then take the night sleeper train to Dresden or Munich, spend 2 nights in Dresden or Munich (I haven't decided if I want to stopover in which city), and take the bus to Prague where I will spend about 5 days, before flying to London and spend about 5 days touring the UK before coming back..

With this plan, I am prepared to spend about RM10k excluding the main flights (KUL-FRA, LHR-KUL) which will cost me another RM2.5k..

Although no plans are yet casted in stone, I already know how I want to travel and what I want to see/do.. it all comes down to which date is cheaper to travel and plan the timings.. I don't have an itinerary so will just leave it to play by ear..

Top of my list would of course see the local architectures, sights and sound, food and culture and the gay scenes: the bars, saunas etc..

I've only begun reading up on Dresden, because I'll spend the least amount of time here so it's easier to digest all the information and download whatever I need..

52 weeks will go by very quickly.. and before we know it, a third of the year is already gone..

I just have this to say: make the most out of your lives, don't worry about finding money for trips, it will come.. go out and enjoy the richness of travel!

[UPDATE 14 APR: Instead of going to London, I will detour to Vienna and Salzburg before backtracking to Frankfurt. I will also probably spend a night or two in Hrensko enroute to Prague.]


  1. if you travel slow, you will only need 6K per month. Thats how much I spent in Europe. Between Muchen or Dresden, its hard pick but Munchen can be expensive. Stop by Berlin, it's most interesting compared to everything else

    1. Thanks for the insight..

      Plans have largely changed since I wrote this.. I will not be flying into Frankfurt after all, after MAS dropped the city off the destination.. in that light, I've decided to focus on Czech, Hungary, Austria.. Not too sure about Germany as any additional leg will eat into my time and cost (I only have max 16 days excluding flight times) to spare..

      The last time I went Europe I spent about RM15k going through 6 countries (Italy, Swiss, France, Belgium, Netherlands and Dubai) for 21 days including shopping, rather comfortable and nothing sort of budget about it..

      LOL I believe a thousand euros is doable but with the sort of planning I have, budget travelling ain't really my style as I cannot survive in hostels and cramp spaces.. Hence I have no choice but to stay in the cheapest inns/motels all through.

  2. Czech and Hungary is relatively cheap though Austria can be expensive. It can also be slightly boring and the guys in general not so good looking. Do check if there's any festival happening around the time you are going or else it would be another nightmare

    1. Thanks. I'm not after the boys. I'm more for the weather and architectures...


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