Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Weekend Treat

I had dinner in Tropicana Golf & Country Resort on Saturday with him.. It was almost full when we arrived around 7pm, and he had already made a reservation by the pond overlooking the golf course.. It was a nice view.. but the food is good and it's not as pricey as one may have thought despite it being in a golf club..

We had salmon sashimi to start - served on crushed ice.. I haven't had sashimi that's served on ice for a long time so this is indeed really refreshing, and fresh..

We also ordered, soft shell crab karaage, hotate, salmon teriyaki, and a huge plate of vegetables to go with..

It was my first dinner with him, after meal we went for a drink in Oasis Ara Damansara by the pond.. I am surprised to know this place and how busy the center is.. with the pond and water features - it makes a very comfortable place to relax and chill...

That night I slept over at his place...


  1. Ooo...sounds hear like have perfect night..
    Romantic o...:D

    1. Hahaa.. yea .. a perfect night...

      and he didn't stop seeing me after that.. he came and find me on Sunday, Monday and will come find me tonight...

    2. Good!enjoy it tonight.
      Hehe... :D
      Really feel happy to hear about this.

    3. hahhah thank you for feeling happy for me!
      nah he just come and accompany me at home..

    4. Phu...wi....

  2. That's so nice! I love Oasis. It's literally 2 minutes from my place!!

    1. Haha and i just found out about it


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