Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Beware of this gym

A fellow Bodycombat instructor and friend made the news headlines today.

The gym he was teaching at refused payment and threaten to sue for defamation instead when my friend posted his ordeal on Facebook.

I have my fair share of non-payments as well but the owners eventually paid up after all the instructors get together collectively and demanded payment.. Those gyms in questions are Synargym and TM Fitness Centre (both have since closed down) and E-Fitness Subang Jaya (still in operations) - last I heard this gym is having issues as well..

The modus operandi has always been the same: delay payment, postpone payment, give plenty of excuses (accountant on leave, no signatory, cheque not ready) till it dragged on for months.. Fortunately, I have recovered all the money owed to me while teaching in these gyms..

Lesson to self, never to accept or trust small gyms.. I am not going to teach in small gyms anymore after finding myself chasing for payments month after month..

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