Saturday, 1 August 2015

Questions that has no answers

Sometimes people ask me questions that make me blink my eyes twice and then I go like., huh? Have you ever been asked questions so silly that you stopped being alive for awhile?

- How do you know they are gay? (usually common in places like gym or where it is known gays to go).
- (obviously during working hours) Finish work?
- Which one is the top/bottom (when referring to a couple, not necessary yourself)? Like excuse me, unless I've slept with one of them, I wouldn't know, and I wouldn't care, would I?
- What are you doing here (when bumped into one another in the gym/supermarket/cafes/bank.. etc)?

To me, if you ask me a silly/stupid question, I will answer you with a stupid answer.. can be outright dumb leaving you speechless or sarcastic, bitchy to insulting.

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