Monday, 3 August 2015

Bangkok's DJ Station

Video screengrab courtesy of a friend
Have you been to Bangkok's DJ Station?

Definitely not like Marketplace, in fact I don't think MP can ever come as close to DJ Station..

Entrance fee was THB300 with 2 drinks, as compared to MP (last was RM50 with 1 drink or free entry with MP card, now I don't know how much is it as it has been more than 3 years since I last stepped into MP)..

Passport or ID check is a mandatory, so don't forget to bring some form of photo ID that list your date of birth, as they check for underage.

Once inside, you can wander around, that's if if you can even walk around that is, all the 3 floors and on the 3rd level cross over to the other side..

On the Saturday we went, after Babylon, it was packed to the brim.. I went with my buddy, and we managed to get a spot on the dancefloor just at the stage area, when we got there we already missed the earlier drag show..

We had to squeeze our way to the bar to get our drinks, and then proceeded to level 3 where it is only slightly less crowded so that we could drink in peace without anyone knocking into our drinks.. Once we're done, we head back into the dance floor and that's where the alcohol does the talking, moving.. Go bottoms up, I'd say! Haha...

This guy (pic) was dancing on the stage right beside us, with his crotch at our face level.. hmm.. he's not hard (obviously) and probably the best body on the stage.. so at the only chance when he was on his knees, you can guess all hands were on him of course, wanting to feel a piece of those solid abs and chest, only to find a small cock underneath the short shorts..

After about 2 hours of dancing, we called it a night and walked back to the hotel, just 10 minutes down Silom Road..

How to get to DJ Station.
1. BTS Sala daeng/MRT Silom. It is nearer to the BTS than the MRT.
2. You can't miss it. Loud music blaring down the alley.


  1. Last time when I was trying to locate DJ using google map... keep going in circles... -.-"

    1. It's really very easy.
      Spot Burger King & CIMB. it's one lorong in. And on weekends there will be a bag deposit counter at the front, then go in some more is where they check the ID and there's a metal detector gate, after that is a row of pubs and discos and bars on both sides. DJ station is the last one on the right hand side, that's where u pay the cover charge and let them stamp on ur hand.


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