Tuesday, 18 August 2015

Pray for Bangkok

I just came back from Bangkok 3 weeks ago, and while I was there, I do make it a point to pay a visit to the Erawan Shrine..

Seeing pictures of the blast literally shook me - together with my buddy,we were waiting for other friends outside the entrance of the shrine in the evening hours probably about 6pm or so, with our BigC groceries.. at the very spot where the bomb was said to be placed at..


Anything could've happened, really.. it was just a collective decision to make the Bangkok trip in July and not anytime later.. We have make contingencies to postpone the trip to August, to October, but lastly we settled for July..

Given a random week and a random day, anything could've happened.. and as pictures started streaming in, I couldn't help but was very disturbed at the magnitude of the blast, especially at where the "entrance" used to be.. where if I were to be in Bangkok, it would be where I may have been......


  1. Really scared lo...I also at that before 3 month..
    So only can pray for Bangkok only lo..

  2. well I have never 'hang out' there.....


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