Wednesday, 19 August 2015

Shame on Malaysia

Curious about what Malaysia is up to with foreign vehicles, particularly Singapore-registered vehicles, I read up the FAQ on the Malaysian Road Transport Department website to learn a little bit more on the Vehicle Entry Permit (VEP).. The website is aimed at foreigners, particularly Singaporeans, who seemed to master the English language pretty well..

Effective 1 October 2015, the VEP is applicable on all foreign vehicles (except motorcycles and diplomatic vehicles) entering Malaysia.. It is fixed at RM10 renewable every 5 years while at the same time, there is the Road Charge of RM20 per entry regardless of the duration of stay in Malaysia..

But as I read through the website, I cringed..

The glaring spelling, grammar and sentence construction mistakes cannot be ignored.. I may not be perfect in command of the language, but anyone reading the FAQ can spot them as easy as I did..

That's what you get when you don't prioritise English enough and keep on harping on making that one other language the "supreme" one, if you may say that, so much so that foreigners and Singaporeans reading this will have a good laugh at the poor state of English contained therein..

Can't said it any better, learning and improving English will not cause anyone to question you on your patriotism and the respect for the national language..

(In comparison, Malaysian vehicles get 10 free VEP days into Singapore, and ERP is capped at S$5 per day, regardless of the number of gantries passed. We are still subjected to the VEP after the 10 free days, and we still have to top up our Autopass for payment of toll on the Singapore side.. Every year upon the renewal of the road tax, we only need to update our Autopass at the Customs office.. As simple as that)..

If you are unsure about driving into Singapore, you can ask me - I drive to Singapore quite regularly..

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