Saturday, 22 August 2015

Business Class Upgrade

Being in the travel industry, people often have the misconception that I travel in business and on business.. 

However, let me get the record straight.. I've only been upgraded ONCE while the other time, it was GIVEN to me.. 

On the upgrade instance, I was flying Lufthansa on a now-cancelled Kuala Lumpur-Bangkok route in June 2011, dressed casual smart and I was feeling exceptionally friendly and nice that day to the check-in counter staff - and I was given the upgrade right away.. Something that doesn't happen because I am a sucker for cheap economy flights.. I only buy tickets when it's at its cheapest, which don't permit upgrades.. 

On the given instance, I was flying Qatar Airways on a now-also-cancelled Kuala Lumpur-Phuket route in March 2013 but that was already pre-arranged.. And being the only passenger in the business cabin was superbly awesome.. with all the crew who's assigned to the cabin tending to only me.. 

All other times that I flew on business, were all on paid-tickets on Malaysia Airlines.. 

So - question - how do you actually land yourself and upgrade? 

Well, there's a few common factors but the list isn't conclusive.. So what gives? 

1. Single traveller
Chances of giving ONE person an upgrade is always easier than having to give TWO or more, so if you're travelling alone, there's a chance, however minute it is. 

2. Peak Times
Travel on peak routes on peak times, when flights can be overbooked and oversold, if there's seats in the premium cabin, chances are you can move up, otherwise, you can also be bumped off the flight onto another flight. 

3. Be extra nice and friendly
Somehow, this works too - and in almost any situation.. It pays to be nice and friendly to everyone you meet.. 

4. Ask but don't demand
If you are rude and demand an upgrade, you're certainly not get it.. 'nuff said.. But it never hurts to ask, and ask nicely.. forget about cooking up uncanny reasons.. the staff have heard it a million times before so it won't work.. Be genuine.. 

5. Frequent flyer status
The higher up in the tier, the more likely you can get bumped up.. So, travel more :) 

Have you scored an upgrade before? Share it, when, how and what happened that gives you the perk.. I'll want to hear from you! 

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