Thursday, 27 August 2015


Of late, we hear this word being uttered here and there, by people from the streets to the prime minister himself..

Bangsat - a derogatory Malay word for mother-fucker, asshole, son of a bitch and the likes, are used to label someone who is a disgrace to society.. 

Apparently, the prime minister himself used the word to say that if the ruling party falls, everyone falls.. Quite true actually but if the people are bangsat, it's because the leader who caused it puts us there, won't the leader then become a bigger bangsat than all of us combined? But for a person of high office to use such foul language is really unbecoming, and it shows on the personality and calibre..

Fact: Malaysia can still survive without him, without the ruling party.. Perhaps we'll fare and go even further.. I wish for a better Malaysia..

We have had too many bangsat trying to outdo one another with their stupidity that waking up everyday is akin to going to the circus to see clowns perform - and rightly so..

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