Wednesday, 12 August 2015

Feeding online shopping addiction

With thousands and thousands of online shopping sites, you would definitely have bought something online.. There are things where you can only buy online, there are things that are cheaper online, and there are also things that you WISH you had bought online for whatever reasons..

Some credit cards give you rebates for your spendings, but that's about it, and at very pitiful sums.. Until one day I signed up for Shopback, which provides cashback for online shopping..

Works very simple - get an account and login to your Shopback account and from there, go to those online shopping sites, Groupon, Zalora, Lazada, Rakuten, Agoda, whatever it is, you name it (there's so many shopping sites with Shopback now!).. You can also enter your BCard and it will automatically track your purchases and gives you BCard points..

While the amount of cashback isn't that great, single digit % mostly, sometimes there's huge promos that gives cashback of up to 30% of whatever you spent on the shopping sites..

Over time, all these little little money adds up, and well, what do you do with them?

Cash it out of course!

Like. Fucking. Real. Cash :)

If you have not heard of Shopback, now's the time to explore and make your money work for you!! Especially when our economy now is so shitty, every bit of money is better than none!

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