Tuesday, 25 August 2015

To all Gorgeous Fitness members, here's my take on your gym..

2 weeks ago, 1Shamelin mall management shut down the power to Gorgeous Fitness.. Plenty of angry members and Facebook keyboard warriors took to social media to pen their frustrations.. I can only feel them and agreed..

The gym defaulted over RM700K in rental and over RM70K in utilities bill.. where is the money they collected upfront from the members? People have been complaining they are paying thousand and thousands over a contracted period of time.. Do your own math..

On the part of the mall management, they have been very lenient and by not sealing up the outlet, it shows that they are still open to negotiations, which GF repeatedly ignored.. I used to work in IKANO (now IPC Shopping Centre) and when a tenant defaults rent or utilities, we sealed the outlet for good and serve eviction notice and haul them to court.. Easier said than done, right? Shutting power supply is only the very first step..

On part of Gorgeous Fitness, LesMills have terminated their licenses recently over complaints of non-payment to instructors.. I used to teach BODYCOMBAT in GF in Brem Mall in the early days when they took over WOW Fitness, and then I took on more classes in Puchong and Southgate branches, but as payments have been really slow even back then, I even have to call the accountant myself to chase for my cheques payments myself as the group exercise managers were lousy and incompetent to look after their instructors, I decided to decline teaching there.. I also agreed that facilities are not well maintained..

This is not the first gym that suffered this fate.. We have had Synargym in Sooka Sentral (MRCB shut them down, defaulted on rent), TM Fitness (Majlis Perbandaran Klang shut them down, illegally operating without license and even had the cheek to say renovation, power cut and a whole lot of bullshits), and the latest was E-Fitness in Subang Jaya which d
id not pay its instructors yet the gym is still operating, recruiting and selling memberships and group coupons online..

My advise to gym members and those who is looking for a gym.. Go with the big brothers.. Fitness First, Celebrity Fitness, True Fitness.. no doubt these gyms cost more, but have a piece of mind, knowing that nothing much can go so wrong.. Only once in a while you get some stupid policy or some staff or some members doing stupid things and kaboom...

I have introduced a lot of people into Fitness First ever since I switched from Celebrity Fitness, and I did not regret my decision to dump Celeb and move over to FF..

As for Anytime Fitness, yes - the gym is 24 hours and backed by a global name BUT each outlet is individually owned and franchised, as with ANY franchised business, the common rules apply..

There is nothing gorgeous about Gorgeous Fitness.. except the fact that I take pity on Calvin Hee..

Terminate your membership and move to other gyms..

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