Friday, 31 July 2015

Babylon Foam Party

Filepic from internet: of Babylon foam party
Truth be told, I've only been to Babylon twice..

The first time I went, I was so bored as the place was so dead and full of angmoh..

Babylon has its famous foam party on the last Saturday of each month.. and it coincide with my holiday last weekend with my buddies..

We have nothing much left to do so we went to watch Ted2 in SFX Cinema in Terminal 21, the only cinema that has plenty of seats..

After our movie, we decided we have a lot of time in the evening before it's even time for DJ Station.. So we looked at each other and nodded "Babylon" it is..

As we were out shopping the whole morning, we didn't have with us swim wear or anything that we can wear for the foam party.. so that left us with no choice but to go into the courtyard area nude..

Not that it was any problem.. Some of the guys went in naked as well..

Entrance fee was THB290, which is still very cheap compared to all other saunas in the region (Aniki Taipei NT$1000 now, 357 Sydney $18 I paid, Cruise Club Singapore - how much now?).. and last Saturday changed my perception of Babylon.. it's a stark contrast between a normal day and a foam party day..

It was packed.. Packed to the brimmed!

Majority are Taiwanese and Koreans and they come in big group of friends.. Yum yum.. angmoh probably made up of a small tiny weeny bit of percentage as Asians ruled the night..

The night started with a luckydraw session - nothing sexual, followed by drag queen lip-sing with dancers in jumper suits.. And it was complimentary free-flow beer all night long, drink as much as you can!

Then once they vacated the courtyard, the foam starts pouring from a huge nozzle suspended from the ceiling in the middle.. It poured and poured on and on.. and throughout the night it kept on pouring..

After dropping our towels and putting them by DJ console near the staircase, we went into the foam area naked..

The foam was quite cold and feeling it within the thighs and lubing up my cock and balls right away, it didn't take me long to get hard and plenty of hands were roaming around.. the foam kept pouring and it was a pile of mountain in the middle while chest high towards the edges so it's pretty convenient to touch around, stroke some cocks, brush cocks on asses..

All while pretending to lather up the foam..

It was real fun..

Filepic from internet: Babylon Foam Party
Pretty soon, I was with a group of Thai and Malaysians touching and lathering up.. hands were everywhere I can't even tell whose hands were on my cock and ass.. I don't know - probably 4 or 6 hands or what.. but who cares..

It's dancing and "clubbing" with the beer and the thud-thumping loud music sans clothes.. How often really does one get to dance naked?

We set a time to leave so after playing and shooting my load in the nearest showers adjacent to the courtyard (it was all foam in there too!!), I went in search for a cleaner shower to wash down.. Imagine walking around the place naked, cos I was covered in foam from walking through the courtyard, and I cannot wrap the towel back cos I needed it to wipe dry later..

The whole place is literary a mess thanks to the foam everywhere.. once I found a shower that has no foam on the floor, I quickly showered, and dried up and went to meet my buddy back in the lockers..

We left and got a quick dinner, and went off to DJ Station to continue dancing and clubbing, with clothes of course..

If you are visiting Bangkok on the last weekend of the month, make sure you don't miss out on Babylon's Foam Party..

It's worth going..

It really is..

No kidding..

Just remember, if you play, play safe ok?

 How to get to Babylon:
1. The easiest way is to get a taxi/tuk-tuk.
2. If public transport, just take the MRT to Lumphini station, come out from Exit 2 and walk towards Q House Lumphini.. (Fitness First members should know this place)..
3. Turn left at Soi Sathorn 1 alley and walk for about 10 minutes till you see an empty plot of land on your right..
4. Turn right and walk till the very end..
5. Babylon is the last mansion on the left..


  1. passed by but never enter ^^

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    1. passed by?

      It's right at the end of a dead end road, a 5 minute walk from the junction and you just passed by?


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