Friday, 13 February 2015

Preparing for Retirement

At 20s, retirement is a something very distant that even your parents aren't retired..

At 30s, you begin (hopefully!) to even think about money for the future, with parents perhaps retired or doing odd-jobs..

At 40s, you better have something set aside already..

At 50s, if you don't have anything for retirement, please continue to work till you die..


I have been thinking about my own retirement piggy bank for quite sometime now, and this week I finally set down to do it..

With my current lifestyle and at a projected inflation rate of 6% p.a. despite whatever fuck the government tells you, I have a reality check that EPF money will not last me beyond a few years.. I told myself I have to do something, and took risks on my own..

I signed the papers to progressively dump RM30k this year into a fund that hopefully in the long run will return healthy gains.. The risks are quite high nevertheless..

Later this year, I will begin another fund purely for retirement scheme for the next 30 years..

Both funds combined should bear apples and pears and oranges in 30 years.. At least that the time frame I am looking at with my money..

In the short term, there's always the highly volatile stock market that I am playing.. With an appreciating property and a depreciating car and no money left in the bank - this is as much as I can do, provided I do indeed live that long lol... Otherwise, someone solely is getting all my money..

Have you begun to plan for your retirement?


  1. OMG, you are RIGHT! I shall start another chicky bank for it despite my travel fund and saving fund..AKA no more shopping..

  2. Same! I dumped almost 25k Into a insurance linked investment. Take own risk and hope for the best!


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