Wednesday, 25 February 2015

When are you getting married?

Most people I know came back to work sick, or on MC.. It's not entirely the fault of the eating, but blame it on the super hot weather that turned even hotter on CNY Day 1. It was raining cats and dogs through and through all along the journey back home the other day and rained through the night.!

I myself is down with a very bad dry cough since Thursday.. Been coughing my abs out, and it's sore now..

Before I left KL that day, I managed to stop by Jinjang market and grab a bar of firecrackers for RM25 (KL price so to speak).. When I got home, my dad surprised me by asking me, "Hah? Only one? Why never buy more?"


Lighting up the firecracker!

When we were kids before the age of videogames, we would buy cartons of fireworks and firecrackers and pitted against one another (the cousins) to see who has more.. So every year, our loot would be bigger than the year before..

All until it got banned by the stupid gomen..

Then the age of videogames took over.. We stayed in and play tetris, super mario bros and what nots.. and of course in between gambling on the floor while the adults gamble on the table..

Then the age of iPads.. thereafter we stopped visiting already.. god knows what these days kids do..

So back to my dad, I replied, "okok next year I buy more lah okay"..

Dad is at a age of stubbornness now, almost 70, he's refusing to listen to a lot of people, particularly in the health dept.. even my mom gave up nagging him and instead ask my sister to do the nagging cos he adores my sister the most so we thought he would listen to her..

It was all food and travelled around for most of the time.. On Thursday I drove my family back to Penang to visit relatives..

Gosh - I tell you, they have new tactics now!! Old tactics doesn't seem to work!!

"Why haven't married? Still wait what"
"I want to focus in my work first"
"Married already also can focus work mah!"
"I want to travel around the world by myself"
"Le siao ah. Travel alone mana wu song! Chua bo first then go together lah!" **(you crazy, what fun travelling alone, get married first then go together)

"How old already still dowan married?"
"Not yet lah, still young. Enjoy first!"
"Enjoy simi lah. Tang lao kok kok bo lang ai cham ah lu" **(Enjoy what. Wait till old later nobody want, then worse!)

"Wu gerfren liao bo, mami approve bo" ** (Got girlfriend? Mum approved?)
"Bo gerfren la, still looking"
"Haiyoo, look what look! Lu siang ka lu jin hao seh ah. Wa ai chiak lu eh teh zai bo!" ** (Haiyoo, look what look, you think you're still young ah. I want to drink tea you know!)

In Chinese customs, "drink tea" means the tea ceremony where newly-weds serve tea to elders as respect. 

Wahlao! I didn't see this coming.. new tactic!!
This year I am totally speechless.. Because I didn't prepare my ammunition for them to turnaround like this..

unlike last time..

Selfie at my parents' in Bukit Mertajam, Penang. 

I have older cousins who are still single, but more like they have dodged the bullet.. now eyes are turned on me and my younger brother (who's 27 this year) since my sis has a kid..

Oh well..

I was driving a lot throughout CNY.. but first let me take a selfie!

How did you respond? Share with me and fellow readers so that we can take cue! Thank you kiamsiah!!


  1. Walau A!
    Really gao lan ah...
    Take care lo...
    But this really make me laugh a lot lo....
    Sorry ah...
    Really beh tahan...
    When you mix with hokian...
    Hug.Be strong.:D

    1. LOL.. my aunties lah! they speak both english and teochew mix.. cos i cannot really reply in teochew but i can understand..

  2. Ki Siao liao...Lu eh Aunties ar, jin ja gao lat lo..Reply like this la, "Ai lim teh si o, lai lai, wo qi bei ho lu la, ar neh lu a eh lim tok liao lo"

    HAHAHA... ;)

  3. lol happy new year!!

    I only got the million dollar question once. I think by age 30, I'll start to avoid-CNY, or I'll just come out in their face and see some instant reactions, hahahaha

    1. Happy new year!

      Hahaha... what's your answer?


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