Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Things I need to buy for CNY

Here are the list of things I need to buy for CNY when I go home next week, although I don't really like CNY actually (more like, urggh.. relatives.. but with the prospects of money, I have no choice but to be thick-skinned and reach out for the angpow)

  • good quality mandarin oranges ponkam (not the cheepo lokam)
  • canned desserts like longan & lychee
  • mushrooms 
  • dried BBQ meat
Don't ask me why, but it's been a tradition in the family for the sons to buy these back to the family home for CNY..  It's one tradition that I keep apart from buying and wearing new clothes.. And I try to make as less trips as possible to get them so I guess it will be this week that I want to settle all the shopping..

Speaking of which, I haven't really buy new clothes yet.. Been trying on some clothes on my catwalkabout but didn't buy any.. HAHA.. I know what I want so I didn't waste time going to malls aimlessly.. It's just finding the right fit and the right cut that is giving me the headache.. 

Have you done your CNY shopping?


  1. Haha...
    Sudah habis beli lo...
    Wish you happy Chinese New Year.;)

  2. new clothes from online shopping! ....omg! I got addicted. Perhaps not obsessive as my friends always said. Do not like displayed clothes and hate to hear "sir. New piece not available/out of stock"!

    1. online shopping for clothes? what if they dont fit well?

  3. spotted some time online shopping for certain branded clothes are cheapest than buying In real store. So, I will try it out in the real store and purchase it from online. A few dollar differences! Disadvantage is you Need to buy in bulk. example more than 50 dollar.

    1. oic...
      not a bad idea.. for which store?


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