Saturday, 7 February 2015

Jakarta Adventure (Part 3/3)

Everything else on my Jakarta Adventure comes in here :)

Turtur on his adventure

Chauffeured-driven in Jakarta.. Not too bad.. LOL..

Birthday "cake" from Sushi Tei Grand Indonesia

Inside Grand Indonesia.. especially the top floors, as I find the decor very unique..

DJournal - one of the best place for drinks

SocialHouse - Grandma Ice Lemon Tea

SocialHouse - one of the breakfast meal

The Grand Duck King - Chicken cordiseps ginseng soup

The Grand Duck King - Meal for 4 persons...

No fancy hotel.. crashing in with my BFF meaning a lot of money is saved on accommodation.. and it's 5 minutes walk to Grand Indonesia..

Turtur trying to escape the camera... seeshhh.. such shy boy...

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