Monday, 9 February 2015

Me In Legoland/Hilton Johor Bahru

All photos of my team and I in Legoland Legorace Teambuilding taken by the official photographers..

Nobody help me pin my number...
Sexy legs muahahah

Team Captain holding the Team Number and let's take a wefie!!

Oh damn.. I can still pose for pictures while the team is busy strategizing

Team game

Team game

One for all, all for one
Company picture

Oh no!! What happened in Negeri Sembilan!! 




Singapore Flyer

Taj Mahal

Legoland words ala Hollywood style..

Go go go!

Ish ish ish.. poser!!!!

Some town I missed the name


Angkor Wat


Errr.. what is mario doing???

Is he cute?

24 drummers... hot!


Saaaaa... hot!!!

Moment of truth.. the embarassment.. haha

Only managed to finish half....

Top Management dancing on chairs on the stage.. Never seen before...

That's all the pictures from the company annual dinner and teambuilding in Legoland and in Hilton Johor Bahru 3 weeks ago..

I didn't win any lucky draw prizes, only door gifts (RM40 Jusco voucher and RM50 Isetan voucher), and for leading my team to finish in 3rd place (out of 22 teams) with a total of 135 points (despite being the first time to check-in at the finishing line in 3 hours..), we won a Lego Nanobrick photo frame sponsored by Legoland..

2nd place totalled 136 points while the winner 137 points!! So it really wasn't that bad..

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