Thursday, 5 February 2015

Jakarta Adventure (Part 1/3: KLM Royal Dutch Airlines in review)

Over the long weekend (for KL people), I flew on KLM Royal Dutch Airlines to Jakarta.. it was part of my birthday holiday..

This post is about KLM Royal Dutch Airlines - in review from a passenger point of view.. All pictures and comments are my own..


Ironically, I know a lot of people who were travelling to Jakarta over the long weekend too, but on different flights on different airlines.. Bumped into some friends in the KLIA Plaza Premium Lounge and in Jakarta Soekarno-Hatta Airport immigration.. 

Well, I chose to go Jakarta because my BFF, who was there for the last 2 years ended his stint to return to Singapore, and it was also for my birthday trip.. Like a two-in-one.. you know.. Besides, I've never been to Jakarta... and probably there (was) is nothing there that can entice me to go.. So, I thought, why not? 

KLM was on a sale spree since December with return flights all in for less than US$100.. but here's the damn thing about KLM, at least very apparent on the flights I took.. 

On the outbound Amsterdam-Jakarta via Kuala Lumpur route, I can see the majority of the passengers were PRC and Indonesians, most Dutch disembark at KL as the plane touched down from Amsterdam.. 

On the inbound Jakarta-Amsterdam via Kuala Lumpur, the majority of the passengers were Indonesians (travelling in LARGE unimaginable groups) who disembark in KL and Dutch continuing their journey to Amsterdam.. 

Aircraft was an old Boeing 777-300ER and as I found out, not all seats were made equal.. Some have wider pitch, some more legroom, some have gaps between the seat and the window, some have missing TV monitors (3 seats sharing 2 tv monitors.. someone isn't going to watch some movies..)

KLM Boeing 777-300ER

My seat number as follow:

KL809 on 31 Jan were supposed to depart KUL at 1705hrs, but as the aircraft was delayed following late departure from Amsterdam, it was retimed to 1805hrs.. Boarding didn't begin until 1745hrs.. But the sad part is, some idiots decided to disappear after checking-in bags, sending the airline and airport securities scrambling to look for the missing idiots.. 

Half an hour passed and they did not identify themselves, the airline proceeded to unload their baggage.. I would have preferred it for them to just throw the bags off the plane.. Fucktards..

Taxiing did not commence until 1845hrs.. By the time the plane departed, it was 1900hrs.. and the flight took about 2 hours 30 minutes thanks to the wonderful freak thunderstorm in Jakarta and Soekarno-Hatta Airport was temporary overwhelmed by an earlier closure, forcing all aircrafts to circle about 20 minutes until Jakarta reopened.. 

By the time the plane landed, it was close to 2030hrs local time, and with 8 immigration counters working at snail speed and officers chatting with one another and with arriving passengers, a 10-persons queue turned into a half hour ordeal.. 

Original scheduled landing was 1800hrs local time, it was more than 2 hours behind schedule.. but thankfully, no incident and we flew safely and landed on the runway in Jakarta with a bump.. 

Food service: Veggie pie, water and juice. NO refills. Whoever asked for refills were served just A CUP of water.

That pathetic thing they serve for evening flight, unfortunately the flight arrived late, departed late and landed late.
2 hours late!!!

Bloody pathetic.. 

I thought a window seat "A" would give me some peace to catch some sleep, well I did slept half the way while watching Gone Girl.. but my sleep was interrupted by noisy PRC whom I swear if I have a glass bottle with me, I would have smash them with it..

I wasn't impressed..

Seated in seat "B" was a first-time flyer, not knowing what to do, not knowing how to use the AVOD entertainment, not knowing how to buckle up, not knowing how to use the earphones... and the list goes on, so he was like looking at me all the time and observing and mimic me.. And yes, he's fat, took up my arm rest space and leg room cos he can't close his legs enough..

Tight legroom.
Look at how the fatty "enroached" into my space...

So what was supposed to be an evening flight with a snack turned out to be rather unpleasant.. Left hungry without a full meal service, luckily I ate in the lounge before departure (as I always do).. 
BFF and driver was already waiting for me for a while and we hurried off to Grand Indonesia for a quick supper - managed to only get in to DJournal.. I'll write about my Jakarta trip in the next post.. 

Jakarta Soekano-Hatta Airport KLM Check-In Counter
1 counter for KLM to Amsterdam via Kuala Lumpur
1 counter for Air France to Paris via Singapore

On the return 3 Feb KL810 Jakarta-Amsterdam via Kuala Lumpur, it departed Jakarta at 1925hrs, and arrive in Kuala Lumpur 2230hrs, right on schedule.. 

Seated at D allows me to capture this photo of the cabin

I chosen an aisle seat "D" this time and true enough, the legroom is wider and it's more comfortable.. Food service was a full meal and alcoholic beverages were served..

Look, plenty of legroom!
Rice, vege, chicken
Bun and butter
Mango salad
Chocolate cheese cake
Juice and water

I hurried off the aircraft as it touched down, knowing KLIA was busy and jam packed with thanks to the long weekend, and it was one hour later that I managed to get into the airport limo.. Usually does not take me longer than 5 minutes..

And still reached home pretty late..

Many other friends were on Lufthansa which departs about 8.30pm arriving in KLIA 12am.. I wonder what time they got home...

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