Friday, 24 October 2014

Japan Adventure [Part 4/5] - Universal Studios Japan

Being the last day in Osaka with a very fine weather today, I headed out to Universal Studios Japan (USJ) in Universal City.

As it is the most convenient by taking the JR train from Nanba, I bought a paper ticket for ¥180 one way. The confusing part is, need to change train 2 times! And not knowing which train, I got on to a wrong train that goes in the opposite direction!

So I have to waste some time to back track.

Simple directions from JR Nanba Station (not Osaka station) for those who are wondering:
1. From JR Nanba Station, get on to the Osaka Loop Line towards Imamiya.
2. Change train at Imamiya station onto the train that goes to Nishikujo.
3. Change train at Nishikujo station onto the train that goes to Sakurajima.
4. Arrive at Universal City station, 2 stops later. Total journey is around half an hour.

I would advise buying the return ticket when you arrive to avoid queueing when everyone leaves, otherwise, stay till late (after 9pm) when the crowd has more or less subside.

The most awesome ride - Hollywood The Dream. The Backdrop is even awesomer!!

Baby T-Rex roaming around

All wet in the back from Jurassic Park ride!

Timed entry ticket to Harry Potter

Entrance to Harry Potter world

Hogwarts Express

Hogwarts! It's been 2 hours to queue to this point!

The iconic car LOL.

Some people say the ride is good, but I think it's so-so only.. it's a 4D ride anyway..


Before the park closes, there's the Magical Starlight Parade, headed by Elmo of course!

I found Sesame Street! So stop asking me how to get to Sesame Street.. I will tell you how!

I've always known Elmo and Cookie Monster are together.. they even lived together!

Add caption be continued..


  1. wahhhh kat sini ada Harry Potter ek awesome.. jelesssss


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