Saturday, 18 October 2014

Aussie Adventure [Part 12/12] - And it's a wrap!

Last part of my Aussie Adventure.. 23 Sept..

As I had the day free, I spent my time in the gym, and going to St Kilda and visited the Shrine of Remembrance, plus do some last minute shopping in Harbourtown and visited the Docklands as well..

I had brunch in Guava Beans in Southbank.
This is smoked salmon bagel and long black coffee - all for $6 from Groupon :)

I don't know why but I find this amusing.. like "no teleporting"

After that, I went down to St Kilda, took a walk in Luna Park and St Kilda beach - don't have much time today so I just look see look see...

Luna Park

I could have ride the oldest wooden roller coaster for $10! 

Water zorb!

St Kilda beach... so many people on a weekday afternoon!

Done some shopping before I left, and I bought this Cussons Imperial limited edition blue lagoon body wash.. it smells awesome, really.

The story behind why 2 bottles was.. I was in Priceline Harbourtown and they only have this last 2 bottles.. Since its limited edition, they don't have many and it's in high demand.. So I grabbed the last 2 bottles they have..

With that, I came back with 2 bottles, albeit one is a little lesser due to the leak.

One of the bottles have some leak so I asked the shopkeeper if they have anymore stock.

Me: Excuse me, do you have any new ones?
Shopkeeper: How many do you need? 
Me: Well, I'll take 5 if you have, since this one has some leak (showing her the bottle)
Shopkeeper: One minute, let me check.
(after a while)
Shopkeeper: Sir, my apologies but we don't have any more of these but my manager says we can offer you half price on this bottle.
Me: Oh really? I'll take both.

And I paid $9.45 for 2 bottles. Shelf price was $6.30/each.

I also bought DNA.. for what, I buy magazines when I travel.

Standing in the middle of Bourke St between 2 tram lines, just because I can. 

Totally maxed out my data credit of 1GB and the additional $10 that I recharged.
I can say I am quite impressed with amaysim, only the activation is abit tedious.

With that, my Aussie Adventure comes to an end..
and it's always heartwarming to hear whenever I fly with Malaysia Airlines,
"kepada semua warganegara, selamat pulang ke tanahair"
(to all Malaysians, welcome home)

I came with half a bag, but left with 2 bags full and a jacket that can't fit inside the bags

Sleeping over in Melbourne airport before my early morning flight

So... this is goodbye, taxi-ing off on the runway

Moments before take-off

Flying through Alice Springs..

Nasi lemak, it's not THAT telanjang as claimed by some quarters.. 

Noon snack 2 hours before landing..

Half an hour before landing, we flew above Singapore!
I didn't know that they can fly directly over Singapore.. hmm... my pilot friends, really?
That's MBS and Esplanade clearly visible :p

Moments before landing.. That concludes a 7 hours flight from Melbourne to Kuala Lumpur

With that, my Aussie Adventure has come to an end..

I am really, really glad to have made this trip a reality.. It was really awesome, but I wished I had more money to spend because most of the time I held back on spending as I was tight on budget, bearing in mind I was to leave for Japan in a few day's time..

And I swiped about RM1k+ on my cards.. mainly for big ticket items that I do not have enough cash for (like tickets and some pricier meals)..

Up next.. business + leisure to Japan!

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