Thursday, 16 October 2014

Aussie Adventure [Part 10/12] - Melbourne

Sunday - 21 Sept.. a day to relax and chill around Melbourne..

So my friend decided to take me to brunch in North Melbourne in this little quaint backyard cafe, I ordered an ice coffee and peanut butter sandwich, topped with vanilla ice cream and loads of bacon!

After brunch, he took me to Queen Victoria market and left me there to shop and wander by my own.. I could have eaten kangaroo meat here, but it's so huge portion ($15 quite reasonable!) that I decided I won't be able to finish it...


Queen Victoria market

Somehow I think this stall is quite colourful.. 

And train-ing

And to Brighton Beach

That's Melbourne city skyline

Paid tribute to the fallen

Real men cook.
Nice saying. 

Brighton Bathing Box - Australia Box

But first let me take a rest... and selfie!

There's always a rainbow box for us rainbowlanders!

Brighton Bathing Boxes

Flinders Street station

City Circle Tram 35
the free tram that loops around the CBD,
with live commentaries that most of the time, I cannot make out what it's being said..

Basically, my Melbourne leg was quite a relaxing one, I couldn't get confirmed onto Yarra Valley wine tour so I had an extra day out to explore the city.. which I did..

... to be continued ...
>> Last day in Melbourne and in Australia before flying home!

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