Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Aussie Adventure [Part 3/12]


Today was a day trip to Gold Coast. I would reckon a good period is 3 days to really enjoy and play. As it was only a day trip for me, I was only able to touch base on some of things Gold Coast has to offer. No doubt the next trip have to spend at least 3 days in Gold Coast to fully enjoy the beaches!

But first, we pulled into a McDonald's drive-through to grab this..

Never say no to BACON!!

Here we go on the way to Gold Coast 


The newly build tram in Gold Coast.

Definitely very bright and sunny Gold Coast..
You'll see why and how burnt I got here..
Queensland is after all, the Sunshine State. 

This is Infinity. It costs about twenty something aussie dollars.. Inside is a mirrored maze filled with laser lights and effects, very cool.. Definitely worth a visit..

As we walked along, I came across this outlet.. why would anyone named their business LJHooker? Like LANJIAO HOOKER.. do they even know what it means?
(translation: Penis Prostitute ?)

Final destination: SURFER'S PARADISE!!!

So naturally, off comes the clothes...

The couple behind was curious what I was doing...

Photobombed by the blue uncle lying on the stone as I pose for the obligatory photo
of Surfer's Paradise arch. 

Obligatory beach jump shot!

Surfer's Paradise baby... look how sunny in contrast to the shades.

While having lunch....  I saw this!!
A SPIDER PIG!! Hahahaha...


Homer Simpsons's trademark SpiderPig song..

Spider-Pig, Spider-Pig,
Does whatever a Spider-Pig does.
Can he swing from a web?
No, he can't, he's a pig,
Look out, he is a Spider-Pig!

Left Gold Coast in the evening back to Brisbane.. I would say a day trip definitely isn't enough as the drive itself from Brisbane is about 1 hour plus travelling on the highway at 80kph.. One definitely need a 2-3 days stop in Gold Coast, especially for someone who loves the sea..

I enjoyed playing the waves and swimming in the sea, but I couldn't locate any surf schools in Surfer's Paradise, not that I went looking for one, but I expected to see them in abundance..

Anyway, there's some Asian gym buff hotties who's there as well, really eye candies :) Hence, I wished I had more time there hehehe...

... to be continued ....

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