Friday, 10 October 2014

Aussie Adventure [Part 4/12]


A care-free day to explore the local scenes and city tour, I also have the opportunity to visit the Brisbane Festival and go into Exxopolis - technically a giant walk through inflatable!

Eat all you want and not buy!

Somehow I think he's hot - selling fresh orange.
Of course we bought a bottle. 

Teach your kids about taxes!

Close enough

Next, Brisbane Festival...

Come Bunny, let's go...

Against Brisbane city. I'm supposed to hide a hideous huge rubbish bin behind me.

The main attraction - the Exxopolis - a giant walkthrough inflatable that
allows sunlight to passthrough creating awesome lighting effects. 

Inside Exxopolis

Of different colours bounced off by the plastics

Brisbane City Hall clock tower..

And I went up the clock tower..

Seeing dinosaur bones for the very first time...

That's one huge thing.. 

The width of one of the vertebra 

Yup, I'm discovering Queensland, my way.. though didn't go into the outskirts...

Man-made beach in the middle of Brisbane City..

Brisbane Southbank

I was telling myself if I win the lottery of AUD10million, I will not come back aka abscond lol..
Well, I came back..
(my numbers only strike one number per game, I bought the minimum 4 games)

Redcliffe jetty.. too serene.. 

One of the postcard I sent back to Malaysia... It arrived..

Moreton Bay bugs.. first time eating this, and it's delicious!! 

Diving into my Moreton Bay bug!!

The fault in my stars..
Lying on the grass after dinner..

Yea.. it's just so comfortable...

... to be continued ...

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