Sunday, 12 October 2014

Aussie Adventure [Part 6/12] .. featuring sauna FUN session =)

DAY 7: SYDNEY HARBOUR BRIDGE CLIMB & SOME HOT SAUNA SESSION (I'll break up today's post into two :p)

I need to rely on the map to find the Bridge Climb reception. 

Got my ticket and ready to go!

Reception area

With my DVD kit which I purchased

Going up the bridge!

Awesome view amid strong winds!

Overlooking Sydney CBD

Middle span of the bridge

Taken a video too.. sorry bad audio cos the wind was so strong!

View to the top! Australia and NSW flags!

... to be continued ... 
>>> Fun in 357 Sussex Street (Sydney City Steam)


  1. cool climbing up the Sydney Harbour Bridge! Nice pictures too!

    1. Yes it's really an awesome experience to be up there, and I got my ticket at half price :)

    2. Wah!!! How you got half price?

    3. My privilege as an Aussie Specialist :)


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