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Japan Adventure [Part 3/5] - Sushi & Spa World Review

The fourth day, I bought Osaka Unlimited Pass for ¥800 as it was a Monday which allows unlimited travel on all trains and busses, which I figured served my needs the most as I just needed to travel on the trains around Osaka for my appointments, and it's really time-saving and money-saving. NOTE: Osaka Unlimited Pass (daily) and Osaka Amazing Pass (1- or 2-days) are two different passes.

It was also on Monday 6-Oct that Typhoon Phanfone was passing by Osaka, unleashing strong winds and rain that came as vapour shrapnels.. I was at Umeda for an appointment when I was caught in it.. After that, I read that JR and Shinkansen trains were suspended.. It was actually Monday that I wanted to go to Universal Studios but thanks to the advance warning system the Japanese had in place - I postponed it and reschedule my appointments

Umeda Sky Building. 

With the Typhoon Phanfone hitting Osaka above ground, I went underground to Whity Umeda mall for a walk and lunch, and came to Daikisuisan Kaiten Sushi..

Trust me when I said after eating sushi and sashimi here, you probably won't wanna eat in most of the "Japanese" restaurant in Malaysia (namely the name that says king and the green frog, to name a few, in fact the one with the Z one isn't a match as well. The one with the name R is a close contender, if any).

Not only are the sushi and sashimi cheap, it's fresh, huge, and juicy.. I also ordered the normal chawanmushi just to see if there any difference from the chawanmushi I know - and I am not disappointed at all,. The egg is smoother than tofu or SK2, it wobbles and is springy..

Egg mayo sushi

I ate a piece of the tako sushi before I remembered about taking pic

Wobbly chawanmushi

The cheapest set of sashimi I've ever eaten!
¥560 or 3pcs salmon, 3pcs tuna and 3pcs squid - all thick and huge - just like how I like it.

Price of sushi plates

Cutting a huge salmon in full view

My total bill came to just ¥1900 (RM56) which is not something you can get here, not with the kind of sushi & sashimi that I ordered..

If you are in Osaka (or Tokyo) make sure you eat in Daikisuisan.

At night, I dropped by Spa World again because I love that place.. Spa World is an indoor onsen near the Osaka Tower, but being an onsen, those with tattoo are not permitted to enter. But the crowd on Monday night is lesser than Sunday night, but more hot young and fit guys (after work/students).. Sunday more family so you'd see more kids with their fathers or grandfathers...

I used my train pass to enter Spa World (paying ¥900 on Sunday night) but since Osaka Unlimited Pass does not entitle discounts, I paid full price of ¥1200,

Main Entrance

The entire complex

During even months, men are at 4F - Europe Zone while ladies are at 6F - Asian Zone.. I have a tendency to believe that the Asian zone should be better.. However, Europe Zone isn't bad as well.. No cameras are allowed beyond the locker area as everyone is naked in there throughout the whole floor..

After you undress in the locker, you walk through a leg-shower and into the first (Roman, nothing exciting except the ice cold golden pool).. then after that you can go to Greece (medicinal bath where they use herbs in the pools with deck chairs on the sides for sleeping), Atlantis, Finland, Spain and Blue Grotta..

Salt sauna | Pics from

Individual tubs in Finland  | Pics from

Outdoor Mediterranean  | Pics from

Outdoor Spain  | Pics from

Sauna in Finland  | Pics from

Rome  | Pics from

Greece  | Pics from

Atlantis  | Pics from

Blue Grotta (this is the royal jelly pool)  | Pics from
I love Atlantis and Blue Grotta areas the most..

Atlantis there's a platform filled with warm water that you can just lie down and sleep.. I fell asleep because it's so comfortable even though it's hard tiles..

In Blue Grotta, I love the salt sauna and royal jelly pool.. In the salt sauna, it's a normal sauna with a huge pot of salt in the middle where you grab a handful and scrub it. As you exit through the other door, there's an overhead shower that washes off the salt and your skin will be smooth as silk! Then go for a dip in the royal jelly pool, I guess there's cream/milk/honey in it.. so yea.. it's just smooths the skin..

In Finland area, there's a huge TV inside the sauna.. I really don't know why.. but the individual tubs are awesome!

I did not go outdoor as it was very cold, imagine you being naked and wet and then go outdoor in the chilly wind? LOL no thanks :P

Like all Japanese public bath, all the showers are open showers with rows and rows of seatings.. If you manage to book a hotel room adjacent to Spa World, you can typically practically be in there the whole time as entrance is valid until the next morning.. Since I am not staying there, I have to catch a train..

... to be continued ...
Universal Studios Japan

Note: This post is my honest opinion and not endorsed or solicited by Daikisuisan. 


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