Saturday, 11 October 2014

Aussie Adventure [Part 5/12]


Actually its on the 6th day that I moved on to the next part of my Aussie Adventure (cos there is nothing to post on arrival into Australia on first day cos I arrived at night).. 

So taking Jetstar on my domestic flight from Brisbane to Sydney.. 

Brisbane patrol car.. The licence plate says... FATAL..

That's the bird that carried me to Sydney.. A full flight...

I like how the Australians have done away with paper boarding passes and uses
SMS like this as a valid boarding pass.. those random letters on top is actually the barcode that
they scan as you passes through the gate..
But, I am still a collector of airline boarding passes..

Sydney double decker subway train.. 

Domestic airport station


Arriving in Circular Quay, I went for a walk since I have lots of time to kill before meeting my friend at night..

Sydney Harbour Bridge.. How can anyone not love this view?

Sydney Opera House

Closer shot of the Opera House

Apple Store on George Street.
I just hang around the city until it was night time when my friend came and meet me and together went back to his place.. My stay for the 3 nights.. 

... to be continued ...

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