Thursday, 25 February 2016

Happy Together

I spent the last 2 days watching "Happy Together" on Youtube.. it's about a gay couple, a straight couple and 2 very good gal friends living in the same house, set in Taiwan.. From watching this, no wonder I can be emo.. cos I can feel the characters...

What struck me the most is the character Benny, played by 陳景煬 Jumper, the flirty one.. Not only is he cute, the character life story is what I can relate the most.. and he loves to gym and end his workout with a cold beer.. For me, I love to gym, and end my workout with some cold energy drink..

From a young age of 17, I was already playing the fool.. and like what Benny's boyfriend Alex says, "sleep with anyone".. Well, that's me..

I mean, that was my past..

Alex & Benny

One of the scenes.. this is in Episode 8..

Here's the full English sub Youtube playlist..

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