Thursday, 11 February 2016

Birthday Trip: Phnom Penh (Day 2)

The next morning I woke up as normal.. went down for breakfast wearing shorts and a tank top..

Fresh pastries

Fruits, eggs and yogurt and coffee to finish

My room key: Domenico & Stefano is the room name

Russian Market. More like a wet market.

Riding the tuktuk to AEON Mall from Russian Market..

Selfie much.

Probably the only something Cambodian I had in the entire trip.. 

Outside the gates of the Royal Palace - It was around 3pm when the sun was at its peak

The main building inside the Royal Palace complex

Hashtag #nofilter.


Map of the Royal Palace

Mini Angkor Wat

Get out of the way!

Some buildings... 


Open mouth because its freaking hot and I need waterrrrrrr

Many many Buddhas..

One more selfie before exit....

Opps.. another one!

Independance Monument in the farrrrrrrr horizon.. didn't go there.. was too hot...

After a whole day out, back at the hotel at about 4pm plus, I straight away went down to the pool to chill.. and well, there weren't many people and I wasn't shy to strip naked...

Lazing by the pool...

So I had some beer... it's my holiday.. 

Just one of the many photos to prove I'm naked :)

In the evening, joined some friends for dinner at Sun & Moon Urban Hotel Skybar on Level 9 of the hotel.. a buffet dinner for US$26 nett per person, drinks not included.. but heck, alcohol is cheap so drink all you want..

If not enough, please proceed to downstairs Space Bar for more drinks... lovely people there.. the boss is friendly and so are the staff.. all muscular and feel free to touch and grope and it's free.. no need to tip or pay.. just touch all you want...

Just one selfie while I'm still sober...
At Space Bar

 to be continued..


  1. "all muscular and feel free to touch and grope and it's free.. no need to tip or pay.. just touch all you want..." ohhh... you mean anyone can lay his hand on ANY part of their body? Lol

    1. Yes, that's right.. ANY part of the body.. cock included.. u can tease all u want

  2. Gosh... that's steamy... lol...


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