Friday, 5 February 2016

Birthday Trip: Phnom Penh (Day 1)

When I decided to go to Phnom Penh for my birthday, I got quite many questions from friends, asking me, "of all places, why Phnom Penh?"

My answer was simple - "I didn't know why but I just want to go and see Phnom Penh for myself, to experience a new city, a new country".

True enough.. I did..

And in all ways not your usual trip would be..

I just booked my flight and just went away for a 4D3N trip.. Flew on last Thursday which was my birthday.. I bought on economy class but upgraded my return flight to business class using my Enrich points..

Greeting from Google.

The flight took 1.5 hours, and landed safely in Phnom Penh International Airport at about 4.30pm sharp local time.. Phnom Penh is 1 hour behind KL.. but the sun has started to set then, by 5 something 6, it's dark already..

Getting to the airport

Time to go

Seat 5A.. Love the ample legroom anyway..

The very pathetic economy class meal

Part of Phnom Penh City as the plane descends..

Phnom Penh Airport 

Arrival Hall

My pickup was waiting for me at the arrival hall with my name, and got on to the car right away.. The moment we drove out of the airport, I got a culture shock.. The madness, the chaotic traffic!

At one point in small residential road, traffic from both directions were on the same lane, and they somehow knew how to swerved and navigate around each other.. I though the traffic was more mad than Ho Chi Minh City, but I soon learnt how to cross the road with my eyes closed - just like in HCMC..

Arrived at the hotel - Arthur and Paul an hour later, thanks to the evening rush hour traffic! I was ushered into my room right away, and explained a few things how things function in the hotel, and once done, the staff just left me alone and closed the door behind him..

My room

Painting on the wall

Painting on the wall

Heavenly bed with ultra big pillows


Panaroma view of the sink and shower



Overlooking the pool

Overall view of my room

The corridor

Shower.. overlooking the streets.. outside :)

I went to take a nap..

When I woke up, it's around 9pm.. I was hungry so I went down to the lobby to grab dinner.. I didn't want to go out because I still didn't have any orientation and don't know how to navigate around, yes I am that cautious, especially after dark.. So all I had was just seafood club sandwich and a glass of lime juice.. After the dinner, I went to check out the steam room, jacuzzi and the pool at night..

The lounge/bar/restaurant (Spiral stairs leading up to the rooms/pool)

My simple dinner, filling.
Not many people, maybe because it's already late at night and the locals have left, and those who were still around are the hotel guests, which all of them are angmoh, except 1 Asian - me..

So I laze around the steam room, and jacuzzi.. not much action.. and about 11pm, I went back to my room and called it a night..

to be continued...


  1. I myself have not been to Phnom Penh but am curious about holidaying there and wanting to know what to expect. Thanks for the info and will be waiting for the next post.

    1. Nothing to expect, leave the attitude behind.. First trip there, take in the touristy sights and stuffs, then drink and smoke like there's no tomorrow.. Weed is legal there so have a go lol... As they say, the people there no attitude non judgmental, no drama and perfectly easy going. Just beware of your belongings, Wallet and money.. That's all..

  2. The hotel looks good :) is it clothes optional?

    1. Yup.. Totally clothing optional.. I walked out of my room on the last day naked to go down and have breakfast and then swim..

  3. wow. eric. interesting! thanks for sharing!

    1. you're welcome!
      continue reading the rest :)


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