Saturday, 13 February 2016

Birthday Trip: Phnom Penh (Day 3 & 4)

The next morning, I woke up lazily.. not wanting to do anything.. I lazed around for quite a long time before my stomach started to growl asking to be fed..

Just me, sitting in the shower thinking what to do for the day..

Then a naughty thought struck me.. Since it's my last day in Arthur & Paul, I just walked out of my room in what I was wearing (or not wearing) down to have breakfast in the lobby restaurant.. Arthur & Paul being a clothing optional men-only hotel, is where you really can leave your clothes behind in the room and just be yourself..

In other words, I mean naked. Anytime and anywhere in the hotel compound..

Join me for breakfast?

Nobody is going to judge you.. No one bothers you.. No one give a shit what you do..

I must say, it was really exciting to be in a clothing-optional hotel.. and not many guests around.. so I literally have the whole place to myself..

The reading corner outside my room.. 

From the reading corner, its a clear view of the pool..

View of the pool from Level 1

Another view of the pool from the other side

Jacuzzi and open showers, which are only open between 5pm-12mn for US$5.
There's also a steam room and 3 private cabins on the left hand side of the jacuzzi..
In the evening, it's quite busy.. locals come here to mingle.. and you know, "chill"..
I have many handjobs and blowjobs in the steam room here.. 

The view of Arthur & Paul.. My room was on the top left, with the balcony, overlooking the pool..

After breakfast, I lazed by the pool, swam.. and took some naked photos.. And the best part? There is no "fixed" check out time, you can check out anytime you're ready..

I was alternating between lazing on the deck chair under the strong Cambodian sun and skinny-dipping into the cold waters, the pool water is totally chlorine-free, so it's very clear but clean.. not even leaves!

Just me, sitting on the side, where I take the above panorama pic of the hotel..

but first let me take a selfie..or rather more selfies..

Tanning naked? Sure, no problem!

When I am completely satisfied, I walked back to my room naked, showered and get dressed to check out..

I moved to Rambutan Resort next door for my last night in Phnom Penh because it's a lot cheaper on the weekend in Rambutan compared to Arthur & Paul.. The US Dollars that week was at a fucking 4.40 to a ringgit!

Note: Rambutan Resort is gay-friendly (I know the owners as we were introduced during clubbing), but it is not men-only and it is not clothing-optional..

Corridor, thats my room..

Panaroma of my room in Rambutan


The outdoor bath tub and glass shower area..

If you're here with just friends, maybe it's going to be a problem hahaha.. but I loved it!!

Bed, daybed and balcony..

WC and sink on the other side of the room..

Care to join me to soak?

Ahh.. nothing feels better than a good soak in the tub (right after skinny dipping!)

Oh hey duckies!! 

Yes, how can one resist taking selfies!!!

After checking into Rambutan, I went out to Central Market.. It's the huge golden dome with plenty of stalls selling all sorts of things.. I should have came here instead of going to Russian Market to buy stuffs.. it's more or less like Bangkok's Chatuchak but it's airconditioned in the huge dome with lots of branches.. and it was here I saw the famous exotic snacks of spiders, cockroachs, worms and what nots..

One of the entrances of Central Market

Yes.. the huge ass golden dome as they call it...

Do you dare to eat?

My stomach wasn't built for this so I didn't try, for the fear that I may be allergic to it..

I dont dare eat the exotic snacks, and hence I decided to just have some pastries in Tous les Jous hahahah!!

In the evening, I was at my friend's house for some home-cooked dinner at the other side of the city.. And then adjourned to Space Bar for some drinks, before ending up again in Heart of Darkness..

Space Bar

Now.. where in the world can you have fruits in a dance club? Heart of Darkness.

Where in the world do you dance in front of statues of Buddhas, with or without your tops? Heart of Darkness..

Really.. I enjoyed myself a lot with the people and strangers I dirty danced with here, totally no drama, no bitch stares unlike in Marketplace..

Also a quick kiss with some guy before I left.. Well, we're all gays, and that's how we greet one another.. some light pecks on the cheek, some, hmm perhaps longer? Hahhaa..

When I reach back to the hotel it was already 4am plus, and I have to leave for the airport at 8.30am.. So I just got back to my room, stripped naked and just dropped dead on the bed until the alarm clock rang..

Swimming pool


I only have time for a quick simple made-to-order breakfast

My tuk tuk driver was already here at 8.30am sharp to pick me up to the airport, and for US$10, I reckoned because he is someone my friends trusted, I don't mind, and I tipped him all the riels I have, because it's just technically useless for me..

My tuktuk ride to the airport

Phnom Penh International Airport departure check-in hall..
As seen from Plaza Premium Lounge upstairs after all the customs and immigration..

Business class..

On the return flight, I upgraded my flight to Business class using my enrich points, which otherwise would have been burnt.. For 13000 points, it's quite worth it lor, since the PNHKUL flight was full! And the airport is small and major construction going on, with Business Class, I have access into the Plaza Premium lounge, but I think there is a huge problem in Phnom Penh - mosquitos!

There's even mosquitos in the lounge!! LIKE OMG CAN!

Yay.. got my preferred 1F seat...

How can one not like 2 Broke Girls? So bitchy.. so me...

Lunch meal.. hmm.. that was red snapper.. a far cry from economy class (which was served economy beehoon??)

But thank god they are just normal mosquitos, and I was back in KL safely at 2pm..

How would I summed up Phnom Penh?

I loved how Cambodians are easy going, no attitude, friendly and really nice people.. Life is simple and even my friends who migrated there agreed.. or rather it was these that made them migrate..

Above all, I really agree that in Cambodia, people don't judge.. just do whatever you want.. if you want to be naked, by all means.. hahahah!!

And my friends, and newly made friends, made a bet on me that I will return to Phnom Penh really soon.. I don't know but I think I will...

Wondering when I will go back to Phnom Penh again.. 

to be continued.. 
NSFW pics in the next post.. haha more like some shameless censored pics of myself...


  1. well nice post. pictures are attractive. i know bali has similar concept hotel. maybe you would like to do something about the "mosquitoes". ignore if it doesnt bother you ^^

    [Jino] - A man's not a man unless he knows how to shoot

    1. Haha, it's real mosquitos, only that they aren't the malaria or aedes that Phnom Penh is known for. Just normal mosquitos. Without the "" :)

      Yes, Bali, Siem Reap do have men only clothing optional hotels, I have booked many clients in them, but I won't fancy Bali for now after what happened to me 2 years ago.

    2. what i meant was the spelling of nyamuks

      [Jino] - A man's not a man unless he knows how to shoot

  2. so how much is the total spending flight (exclude the upgrade) + accommodation ?

    1. My flight (economy) was RM450 bought during Christmas sale, and accommodation is roughly USD200 for 2nights in Arthur and Paul (I was upgraded) and USD78 in Rambutan, after discounts.

      And throughout the 4 days, I only spend about USD100 for meals, drinks, shopping, transport.

  3. Nice pics of the resort. Your's even nicer. BTW, did you shave your pubes?

    1. Thank you..
      Haha no I don't shave... a good trim every now and then is good enough..

  4. Oh... poor duckies being molested... lol... nice post. I know where to visit in PP next time...

    1. It's just very touch base.. I didn't want to visit those horrible museums and killing fields, which may sum up a Cambodian trip to the core.. cos yes, they are really horrible... but there's much more things you can do besides these...

  5. Nice post and trip...and it's not too late to wish you happy birthday...;-)

    PS : I wish to be that duck....hahaha...;-P

    1. Hahah it's never too late to wish! =)

      PS: You need to ask permission or perhaps struggle to take the ducky away...

  6. After reading all about your Phnom Penh trip, I bought myself a solo trip there too. Treating it as one part of my soul searching trip.

    1. That's good... Just go with no expectations, the people there dont fake it.. no drama just let ur hair down and party the night away, they are very good at it..


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