Wednesday, 17 February 2016

Dating like how it used to be

Remember your first date/boyfriend?

I do.. Because my first boyfriend was a jerk.. So was my second.. I was being unfair to my third boyfriend, and my fourth and fifth ones basically had lives outside of the relationship.. In between all those times, I've gone on dates after dates, ONS after ONS thanks to the advancement of technology and dating apps..

Dating now seems like a race against time, all it takes is just "hi", "meet", "top/bottom" and there you go.. Gone are the days where you sheepishly harbour crushes on people you know or barely know, friends of friends, or just some random hot guy in that party..

When I was younger, I used to have these kind of crushes as well towards random guys at parties, and then my friends would play the evil guy and introduced.. but nah, we remained friends but nothing took off because it didn't feel right..

Dating has to begin right.

Instagramers Patoetto & his boyfriend Sleepdrunk
I follow their Instagram because they are so loving and lovely, it gives
me hope that gay relationships have a future..
plus they are too cute and has hot-to-die-for bodies..

Well, maybe things like that still happen, only that it has become such a rarity that one forgot to slow down and actually enjoy the process of getting to know one another..

Truth be told, my current boyfriend (are we even boyfriends yet? I don't know but we do act like one - a couple, and exclusive) and I met on one such dating-app which I shall not name..

Initially it was a simple "hi".. but I took ages to reply because I wasn't looking to date.. So one reply begets another over a long period of time, before we actually met up for coffee.. and slowly got to know each other better.. I like him, he likes me.. and soon we're staying overnight at each other's place and gone on several staycations..

It's a really slow process, because from the first "hi" to today, it's almost one year.. but we're still learning and getting to know each other.. Hence, I said, I am not sure if we're considered together? Haha.. I called him my boyfie.. but he's too shy to admit anything..

Yeah, that's us taking it reeeeaaalllllyyyy slow...


In today's age and technology, what would you give to actually enjoy the real process of dating err I mean, socializing? And getting to know not just one, not just 2, but 19 other guys in a safe and discreet environment? Everyone there has one purpose, but yet everyone there is unique and diverse in terms of age, ethnic group, profession down to hair colour!

Sorry, if sex is all you're after, this is not for you.. Move on.. We have all the yellow and orange apps  and what-other-colour-apps specifically for "fun"..

Err nope, this is not speed dating :)
But there's no stopping you from having some quiet time AFTER all is over..

With 19 guys all in for one reason, I am sure one of them will surely fits most or some of your "criteria" if not all.. If you still don't find someone, don't worry, you can either try again or lower down your expectations/standards! :)

So how do you get to know all 19 guys in just one evening?

Simple, it's called speed dating.. 20 guys, 5 minutes each.. All in one fun session.. Shy and quiet? Don't worry, there'll be games and ice-breakers to ensure everyone is comfortable and before you know it, you can't wait to actually get to know these guys, or perhaps by then you'd already have someone in mind to "target"..

The next session of this event is actually coming up soon..

Here's the details:
What: Collision Speed Dating (for gay men, of course)
When: 20 February, 7pm
Where: The Albion, Changkat Bukit Bintang, KL (1st Floor - private event; maximum privacy!)
How much: RM60 (inclusive of food! Non-halal but no pork, don't worry)

Interested? Register HERE now!

Who knows, maybe you will find your true love... boyfriend... here.. Then I won't mind you giving me the credit that I told you about this hahaha..

Good luck, and hey, gay relationships do exist, and they do last, so don't give up hope just yet okay? Try going for this event, and who knows, it might just change your life!

Peace out!
xoxo mucks...


  1. Touche. it is pretty hard to find someone to go on a date these days. but then again, i'm pretty introvert so i guess that's part of the reason why.

    hopefully you guys will work out fine and become a testimony to the community out there.

    peace out!

    1. Thank you, I wish you will find your someone too.. hey why not go for Collision? Try it :)

  2. I won't blame these apps, I met a couple of guys that I have dated in the past, my ex through it as well that started as hook up and now dating someone as well.

    1. It's useful if you use it to your advantage.. in a meaningful way lo...


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