Monday, 1 June 2015

Malaysia Airlines to remain as international carrier

In a briefing by Malaysia Airlines CEO Christoph Mueller today, it was said that Malaysia Airlines will retain its international routes..

On that note, it will retain the 4 Airbus A380s currently serving Kuala Lumpur - London twice daily, and fitting in "totally lie-flat" business class its A330s and B777 jets..

However, nothing has been said about the remaining 2 Airbus A380s currently servicing Kuala Lumpur - Paris daily, chances are either it will be downgraded to a 330/777 or totally dropped off the route network.. That said, there's no news about Amsterdam/Istanbul/Dubai routes..

The current business class seats which will be completely changed
Malaysia Airlines is temporary sampling its A380 on Kuala Lumpur - Sydney routes, and trimming it down to twice daily (from 3 times daily) till June 2, and from June 5-9..

Question: could this be the future of the Sydney route and redesignating the 2 aircrafts from Paris to Sydney? We'll wait and see..

[UPDATE 2/6/15: The remaining 2 A380s currently serving Paris is put up for sale]

[News sources: The Star & Australian Business Traveller]

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