Monday, 22 June 2015


1. Black or White
Mostly white.. I actually dislike black much.. 

2. Mountain or Sea
Sea.. unless it's a ski resort or the Swiss Alps.. I am in awe for the Swiss Alps!

Part of the Swiss Alps - Interlaken, Switzerland

3. City or Ancient Ruins
City.. I am not a fan of "depressed" "ruined" ruins.. I spend no more than 5 minutes at a so-awarded UNESCO heritage site, only going for the sake of seeing it and I'll loose interests faster than I can blink, more like "oh okay, let's move on".. 

On the other hand, I can spend days and days in a city! 

4. Train or Car
It depends, if KL - no brownies for guessing I rather drive, pay the tolls, pay the parking and what nots, because train is so inconvenient and most of the time it involves, yes, some kind of toll or even parking to take the train - might as well drive.. 

Years to come, there will be a major train interchange (MRT & LRT) just outside my place but before it's operational, I have no comments.. The MRT will begin by Dec 2016 and the LRT extension from Kelana Jaya LRT station will interchange with MRT Bandar Utama station a few more years after that.. 

5. Flight or Train
Again, it depends.. I would have taken the train if I have lots of time and want to see the countryside and slowly smell the roses.. Almost booked a train ticket from Sydney-Melbourne last time, but time was a big factor hence eventually I did not..

6. Clubs or Bars
Definitely bars.. I am really over the age of clubbing already, unless of course it's a first time visit to a city hence I will want to look-see look-see the local clubbing scene.. The last time I stepped into Marketplace was some years already.. don't quite see the need/purpose of it..

7. Food or Gym
Hmm.. how can one pit these two together? I eat when I want to eat but I gym when I have nothing else to do.. okay, I swim on a weekly basis (or a couple days a week).. So to choose one of both, I guess I'll choose to gym first, then eat.. After all, I am not so much a "foodie" per se, I rather go for convenience - the same usual stuffs I usually eat week in week out..

8.  International or Domestic Travel
International of course, must fully utilise the passport, otherwise it is wasted.. My 5 year plan is to maximise the pages with stamps of countries I've not been before.. with about 2 more years left on my current passport, I doubt I can even fill half of it.. Thank goodness renewal for passport is now RM200 instead of previously RM300..

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